Monday, June 1, 2015

is Google made up of a bunch of IDIOTS?

sometimes I ask myself that question. so I check out this new inbox by google. there is this annoying ass 'take me to inbox' window button right every time i check my gmail. i finally clicked on it. it looks pretty good but... there is no delete button when I am viewing my emails. WTF!??!?! I HAVE TO CLICK 2 TIMES TO DELETE EACH EMAIL!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!! GOOGLE IS MADE UP OF A BUNCH OF FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY TIME THEY COME UP WITH THE STUPIDEST SHIT!!!!! I SWEAR. first, it was ruining youtube, 98% of the people hated it. then it was ruining youtube again. then it was shoving google + down our throats. now it's no delete button. I don't even know what to call Google. they don't listen to anyone and keep asking me for feedback. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME FOR FEEDBACK IF YOU NEVER LISTEN TO 98% OF WE HAVE TELL YOU!?!?!???!?! FUCKING MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck Google!

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