Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ronaldo, Brazil's Eddie Murphy

I know this is old news, but one of my Brazilian customers told me about this scandal.


So, I looked it up. Funny as hell. Ronaldo said that "after he found out they were men" he sent them away. YEAH THE FUCK RIGHT!! you just like trannies, Ronald. SAY IT AINT SO!!! Don't worry, though. I like trannies too. so, you're not all alone on this one. But apparently in Brazil, they look down on you if you are gay or have some sort of gay fetishes (i.e. into trannies) in sports. According to one Brazilian judge who straight up dissed Ronaldo, soccer is supposedly a 'virile' sport.

One thing I can't stand how misinformed the media is, who all think that Transvestites are the same as Transsexuals. let me school you on this real quick. Transvestites=men who dress as women. Transsexuals aka Trannies aka Shemales aka Chicks with Dicks=women who USED to be men but now take hormones, have boobs, ass, no body hair, and some of which you can't even tell if they are men any longer and can totally pass as women. Transvestites=men, Transsexuals=women with OR without dicks. see? TV=men, TS=women. men, women. male, female. pre-op, post-op. are we finally learning something? goooooooood. masculine, feminine. yin, yang. baby steps. baby steps.

I remember when Eddie Murphy got caught picking up a tranny hooker, I actually fell for him saying he just wanted to help and was looking out for her safety. looking back, damn I was gullible. Ain't no big star like Eddie would be picking up a random tranny hooker to tell her to be careful. GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE!!! you like chicks with dicks, Eddie. SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!

I wonder what the 3rd one looks like...

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