Sunday, January 19, 2014

49ers LOST and I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!

So, I'm at work and the 9ers are playing. My co-workers are like OOHH OHHH they are close 17/20, blah blah. Mind you, these are 2 girls. I'm a guy and I'm supposed to care about this. So, anyway I take my break and go upstairs. I sit down to read my book and I hear the TV in the lunch room next to the dressing room blasting with the game on. I'm like FUCK IT, let me go see who is gonna win/lose. The second I go out of the locker room, I already hear "49ers lost, I'm having a heart attack". I'm like THEY LOST!?!?! hahahahhahahaaa!!! I literally laughed out loud. I go into the lunch room and everybody is sad. A black lady comes out all upset mumbling something. Another dude is standing there with his face glued to the television all fucked up inside. At this point I am LMAO!!! especially on the inside CUZ I JUST DONT GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!! Before I go into just why I don't care, watch this video

I just think it's funny that all these masses today can worship their idols, but IM the weirdo when I got an altar at home with a statue of my Goddess. IM the weirdo when their whole world evolves around their favorite team, and their entire state of being evolves around who wins or loses.

Man this whole day is hilarious to me. I get on BART and all I see is red. One guy looks like he was just crying for the last 10 minutes. People take this sports shit way too seriously.

But not like I'm some clueless fuck. I understand. I used to care about sports back when Jordan was around. Chicago Bulls was my favorite team, and Michael was my favorite player. I was rooting for him and the last championship they won was a big deal to me. I just don't care anymore once he left. The game isn't the same, and it's all a bunch of bullshit to me. All of it. I don't watch or care about any sports.

But I just thought the whole day was funny. I was LMFAO, mostly on the inside, and a few times out loud, when I see all the flock grazing next to a television set talking about "I think I'm gonna cry"... LMFAO!!! GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE!!!!!!

The same people who treat me like a weirdo and keep their distance are part of that flock, btw. isn't that funny? Fuck them all. I can't stand to be around most humans nowadays. The older I get, the more I realize just why that is.


Paz said...

i agree. we have the super bowl coming out here and as you can imagine, they've been hyping that shit up since september of last year. i'ma call that shit the 420 superbowl since it's two team from weedie states. that's some funny ass coincidence.

Sp said...

haha, you made me do a little bit on research. and that's more than I ever do for football. just for the fact that those 2 states are playing, I may actually watch the super bowl this year. I bet a lot of people will be getting high as fuck watching the game.