Thursday, April 26, 2012

I no longer support AstralBooBaby

I am done supporting or following AstralBooBaby completely. just unsubscribed from his youtube channel yesterday, and not coming back to his website again.

The main issue I have with ABB is how he runs his site. There are absolutely NO MODERATORS. it is completely OUT OF CONTROL. There was one guy who was putting black magic curses on half the members, yes I kid you not. and not only was he not banned, he wasn't even warned. now we got another troll, who I personally think is the same person because the black magician disappeared and this guy comes out of nowhere cursing at everybody and going ape shit just like the other dude. so this troll told us all to die, said fuck faggots, fuck Jews who are all a bunch of nazis and control the world. He told me personally that he would kill me if killing other people wasn't illegal. and what has been done about this? NOTHING!

he was trolling one of another ABB members in the chat and when ABB fam said his behavior will be reported, the troll just kept saying "nothing can be done to me, ABB would never allow it. fuck you! you should die. you are a piece of shit and will never be nothing more than that" etc.. just a lot of hateful and mean stuff. so then this ABB fam member made a thread and we ALL came in to support her to ban the troll. what does ABB do? he spreads the word that the kid has mental issues and has told ABB that if we ban him, he'll kill himself. so please don't be mean to him and ignore him. HUH!?!?!? wait... not only did you have an immature little shit putting black magic curses on half of YOUR members on YOUR site, and you didnt do SHIT about it, but now you got another guy who MANIPULATED your ass to the point where he is threatening to KILL HIMSELF??? that's right "if you ban me, ill kill myself".. wow.. I am speechless.

But I can't be surprised because ABB supports dero7, who is one of the biggest fakes on youtube. and ABB also supports Abraham Hicks, who is another FRAUD! hey ABB, if you're reading this... here is something you should listen to... just for you buddy I hope you'll wake up from your delusional lala land and the gurus that you look up to, who are nothing more than sheep in wolfs' clothing trying to make a buck posing as something they're not.

I still love you AstralBooBaby, and totally know where you are coming from. We are all one, and all of us are accepted and loved beyond measure (yes, even people like Hitler), but you should learn how to deal with those that suck others' energies, and say hurtful and painful things.

Goodbye friend. I will miss you. but I won't miss being part of your community which you can't even moderate. people who are hateful and parasitic are here for a reason, but you don't have to invite them over for dinner. and if they come over anyway, you should learn how to kick them out in order for them not to ruin it for all of your fam at the table.


Paz said...

maybe you should start your own site since he can't do it right.

Sp said...

I don't have a big following to do that.

Your Guide said...

Looks like you let something or someone outside of yourself influence you. You departed from ABB's site b/c of another, not b/c of your own choosing. For you to suggest that Dero7 and Abraham Hicks is a fraud, tells me that you are more in the box than you realize. This place is more unlimited than you can possibly imagine in your current state. Open your mind to the unlimited possibilites and your entire reality will be transformed.

Sp said...

Your Guide,

did you even listen to the clip of the link I posted about hicks? sounds to me that you're the one who refuses to leave the box, not me. and dero7, lol... don't even get me started on that guy. if you can't tell he is a fraud, I honestly don't know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of astralboobaby's site and I know the person you are talking about and he isn't even capable of doing any black magic. That dude was just talking a bunch of crap to push our buttons and you bought it. I also happen to know that ABB did have a couple of moderators on the site but they just feel off and Boo didn't know it at the time. You gave Boo a bad lick in this post because he supports anyone whose being themselves and that includes you. It sort of sucks when you say he's doing what he do for money, when as long as I have seen his works, he hasn't made a dime! Real talk!

Sp said...


first of all, you don't know who I am speaking of. because if you did, you would know that he put black magic curses on half of the active members at the time I was posting. I think his name was Nathaniel, but I may be wrong. He was an Asian kid from Texas. He actually admitted himself of putting black magic on his step mother. he even tried spreading his beliefs on the site, trying to get ABB members to follow Satan and learn about dark arts. then he disappeared, and some other guy who acted almost exactly like him showed up cursing everybody out. his name was soulwarrior, and that's the guy who you're probably thinking of. I thought they were the same person. maybe not. either way, NOTHING has been done about them. No moderators, no ABB, NO ONE DID SHIT!!! a big majority of the members who had really nasty experiences with BOTH of these guys chimed in and asked for bans, but ABB didn't do SHIT! I personally messaged ABB, and he not only did nothing, he never even replied to my e-mail. How do you think that made me feel? Like I matter less than someone who wishes death upon me and most of the other members. Yeah, I sure felt lots of love and support from the site creator himself.

People like you are also why I don't ever want to come back to astralboobaby's website. Every time a member like the 2 I made this post about would say anything negative, whether it's homophobic, racist, prejudiced, death threats, etc.. someone like you would come in with their LOVE & LIGHT crap "he is not serious. he is just pushing your buttons trying to get reactions out of you", blah blah blah. STFU! I was sick and tired of yo all defending this fuckery.

ABB supports EVERYONE who is being themselves? and do you not see just WHY I don't support him anymore? Hitler was just "being himself", so was Mussolini, so was a whole bunch of other evil dictators of the world. I guess ABB supports them too. I mean, don't get me wrong, they were all playing their own part in the universe in the greater scheme of things to keep balance, but I sure as hell won't support a man who supports EVERYONE. You gotta take a stand on who you support or who you don't. If you support EVERYONE, that is my #1 problem with you. You are acting like you are something greater than a human being. We are all amazing, but don't forget that we are also human like everyone else. And that's exactly what ABB is. and I stopped caring for him since I saw that he tries to be like he is something more (I remember seeing his pic as a Pharaoh, lol come the fuck on! how big is his ego?) Like he is better than us who dare say negative things about people who wish death upon us. please... If I see something I don't agree with, I'm gonna say it.

Sp said...

and please tell me, why do I gotta read hateful, racist, homophobic, mean spirited comments on ABB's website? If I want to read such things I'll go join a forum full of trolls. There is plenty of those. And guess what? People who act like soulwarrior and the other guy all get banned on other sites. But noooooo, not on ABB forums. There they get a special treatment, with people like you defending them making up excuses for why they act the way they do. I was tired of reading that TOXIC GARBAGE, so I left. And so did many others in case you didn't know. You didn't want to take a stand and ban them, so many of us left. WE DON'T WANT TO READ THAT SHIT! Your site should be about supporting and helping each other grow, not talking hateful comments back and forth and start wars. I DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS IF YOU MEAN IT OR NOT. I have seen troll raids like this with many members who are not even remotely as offensive get banned within days, hours, or even minutes if the moderators are really doing their jobs.

and I never said anything about ABB making money. stop putting words in my mouth. I was referring to dero7 and Abraham who are both fakes and are constantly milking their fans for their money. Another reason why I don't take ABB seriously any longer. He supports both.

I lost a lot of respect for ABB. but hey, I am just one individual. Not like my opinion matters more than anyone else's. But if you don't take a stand, I stop taking you seriously at some point. Just how it works.

and that's REAL TALK!

Anonymous said...

I get where astral boo baby is coming from....and I do agree with alot of what he's "saying." There is still something about him that is kind of off. I just get a strange vibe from here from time to time. I don't think anyone should take his word as gospel. Once again...just think for yourself.

Astral Boobaby said...

Hello to the owner of this site. This entry comes from Astralboobaby, this blog was just sent to me on the heels of some events that had just occurred in relation to the very matter that you've created this blog about.

For starters, I would like to state that I sincerely apologize if my actions or inactions have caused you hurt or disappointment. My original intent for, was to create a place where people can be free to express themselves 'infinitely'... I didn't want to 'ban' or 'censor' anyone for their unique expression because I didn't like this being done to me. I don’t the feeling of others covertly censoring, banning and suppressing my flow and presence on certain network sites. I was also very new at managing a website. So, it was and still is a learning experience for me, given that I had never done this before -- there was no blue print for me to follow.

However, we live and learn and I have learned that I must take a stand with setting a tone for the ABB community, in the same spirit and intention that I have set for my Youtube channel. Yes, I had received many emails regarding the person(s), you've mentioned and if you sent me an email and it wasn't answered; please know that it was because I was receiving hundreds of emails from multiple channels every day, especially during the 2012 period. It was simply impossible for one person to manage and respond to every single email. Also, I had a couple of moderators who simply disappeared without warning and this added to my dilemmas at that time.

I am leaving this message, so that you and anyone else can see that things are not always what they appear. I am someone who lives by my word and at that time, my word is to be 'free' to express yourself infinitely but now, I have learned that restrictions and limits are necessary, especially within a community that I and other members envision for anyone whose really wants a break away from the typical things that are already in abundance on the internet.

Again, I apologize for any hurt that my indirect or direct actions may have caused you.

Continue to question, learn and grow.


Astral Boobaby said...
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Astral Boobaby said...
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Astral Boobaby said...

I read the article about Abraham Hicks and since you've directed the link and message towards me directly, I will now give the courtesy of a response...

When it comes to Abraham Hicks, Dero7 or anyone else for that matter, I support the 'free flowing' of information above all else... I 'freely' share information from infinite sources and perspectives. Unlike most people, I am not afraid to present a point of view or perspective from another that may not match my own -- I don't make judgment calls as to who has the right to have their voice and perspectives heard or seen.

However, I do realize that everyone has a piece of the puzzle of what we call life and for this reason, all voices, views and perspectives should be heard and the viewer, reading, listener, should exercise discernment and take whatever resonate and leave the rest behind; this is a statement that I have always said since publicly speaking about astral projection and then some. Yes, I have even stated that no one should take anything that I say as 'gospel' (referencing the previous implication from one of the previous anonymous posts) either...

There are truths at the core of everyone and all things, therefore, there are times when what we perceive to be a ‘lie’ is actually that person's level of awareness and understanding of what is 'believed' to be true at the time of their assessment or claim. Even ETs are prone to this because they too are not all-knowing... Many ETs had ideologies, concepts and beliefs that they thought to be true but after experiencing and growing through trial and error - they learned differently and this is what adds to a Beings ability to better discern and recognize the ‘ultimate’ truths...

We simply have to know how to recognize truth from other portals and vessels and use it towards our own growth and ultra-standing... By the way, I am one who recognizes that some of those crop circles are man-made and some of them are from an extraterrestrial origin. As I often say, the complexities of life is rarely ever 'this or that' (so to speak) but its actually more of 'this AND that'.. Do not forget that we live in a polar - dual reality and information is often presented in this way.

Be Well

Astral Boobaby said...

I apologize for the duplicates, my browser is acting up /:

Sp said...

Hello, AstralBooBaby.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply to my blog.

I understand where you're coming from, and accept your apology. You made a mistake, and now paying for it with the traffic to your site being at an all time low.

But I also would like for you to understand just why I will never come back to your website again. As a result of you having this 'no ban, no censor anyone' mentality, a lot of your followers started to think like you. They all started realizing that they are something above being human, which is down right NONESENSE! We may all be spirits, but we must deal first and foremost with this human experience, and the problems and complexities it brings. People who live in the spirit world, or meditate 20 hours a day all go insane. That's because they refuse to deal with their every day reality. Look at what happened to MrAshToast. He went coocoo because he spent 12 hours a day meditating and never dealing with his 'human' problems. Now he is turned into a fundamental Christian, who spreads fear and chaos to all the people who Astral Travel, meditate, and follow eastern thought/religion(s).

I digress, but people with that mentality post and have been posting on your site. You encouraged their way of thinking how everything and everyone is good, no matter how 'bad' they act. None would be punished or shun away because we are all "ONE". A guy who replied to this blog talking about REAL TALK is one of those people I constantly had to argue with when I spoke up against the 2 guys I made this blog about. I got sick and tired of reading these MORONS' replies of "don't pay any attention to him. he is just trying to get a reaction out of you" when the same guy would be posting in every of the trolls threads replying and debating issues. I was frustrated even more dealing with these people who defend such ignorance, I couldn't take it any longer. That's part of the reason why I left. Arguing with idiots who defend the trolls, telling me not to feed them energy. Then the next minute they'd be the same ones doing so in a new thread of a troll cursing everybody out.

Reading this guy's reply here brought me back. I thought for a moment I am still posting on I wanted to relax and share ideas, but instead found myself constantly arguing with the trolls AND the people who constantly defend them. It was the biggest freak show I ever been part of on any 'spiritual' community on the internet.

But I am very glad you are taking a stand on this issue now and for all. I didn't take it personal of you not replying to me, but felt odd that you spend hours upon hours of talking to Soulwarrior on Skype and can't even reply back to any of us on the issue. I mean, he was the second person who was responsible for dragging your site down with him. The first one was Nathaniel who'd put black magic on anyone who dared disagree with him. I e-mailed you about them both but didn't hear back. But I understand, you are busy. Thank you for replying to some of my comments on youtube back when I first found you.

If you ever read this, I am one of your original fans who found out about you around the time when you first created your youtube channel.

Sp said...

And I disagree with you on the 'free flowing' of information, which could be dangerous. I have seen a down to earth good guy turn to Black Israelites and follow their teachings that are filled with ignorance, hate, racism and superiority complex. Reason? 'free flowing' of information. How would you feel if that same guy got into such ignorance after seeing a link on your website to another site where these ideologies were practiced?

If you are running a website, and have many followers, you are a role model. Any link you post on your site is a way of saying "I, ABB, approve this". Even though that may not be what you are saying, your followers think so since you agree to post and advertise the person's message. There is tons of ignorance that dwell in the underground 'spiritual' community. Akult being one of those individuals. I made a post about him, but he eventually closed his youtube account. He spread so much ignorance and racism with how black people are superior, so much chaos, and paranoia talking about how the world will be filled with tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.. on 12/21/2012. Did any of that happen? No. But he sure as hell helped me and many others to be scared and paranoid about the whole topic of 2012. That's not to mention me feeling inferior because I am white.

How would you feel if someone who starts following such ignorant 'leader' because he saw his link on your website? That's just something for you to think about.

Astral Boobaby said...

Well, as far as I know, no one whose ever watched an AstralBooBaby video or came to my website has followed some extremist as the result. Perhaps, it is because I have always given a disclaimer or made the proverbial statement to 'take whatever resonate and leave all else behind'... You see, I don't believe in controlling the narrative when it comes to presenting information. I don't believe in projecting a message to 'follow me', 'I am your leader' or 'I am your role model' because I am neither but if people choose to make me this, even when I consistently tell them otherwise – thats on them. However, I do practice and believe in empowering people to learn and discern what is best for them and become their own leader and role model… If someone came across or gravitated towards someone or something that another may deem extreme or wrong – thats their choice and is obviously apart of their road towards true self-realization. We will all make mistakes and take detours along our journey but this is how we truly learn and grow to know who and what we really are. Ask anyone whose found their peace in life and they will testify that they made a lot of mistakes and are grateful for them because they helped to get them where they are today.

As for my community, I have made some changes as the result of making my mistakes in the past… I have moderators and one administrator and I am actively involved with the community but my core message and intent is still the same. I will continue to freely share information, while empowering others to filter and decide what is best for them. Anything otherwise, would be just another system of control, much like religion. In closing, I say that I am but a vessel and messenger to inspire, encourage and empower.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

I found this post upon looking for some info. about astralboobaby. The man created a free site for god's sake and he does a lot of helping strangers and I am one of them! I haven't come across not other person in the conscious community who will take the time to write and help total strangers without them getting something out of it. Trust me, I have tried and boo is the only one who got back to me and stayed with me through a very rough period.

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote this article, what are you doing to make the world a better place? If your answer is nothing, you shouldn't be trying to tear down people who are doing something.

Sp said...

"To the person who wrote this article, what are you doing to make the world a better place? If your answer is nothing, you shouldn't be trying to tear down people who are doing something."

I find it funny when people attack my character when all I'm doing is sharing MY experience in something. When I share my experience with Apple Inc., saying how greedy and ass backwards the company is, plenty of people get offended because "ooooo i love Apple so much! why don't you go out and start your own company". Then when I share my experience with ABB, people like you come in to defend him. I'm sure you love ABB and think I'm a bad person for telling it like it is of what type of things happened on when it was first formed, but please don't get your panties in a bunch...

I'm sure ABB is amazing, with whom I agree on almost everything he speaks on from religion, to universal truth. But there were still some things I didn't agree with him on back when I followed him. And if you actually read my blog post before you replied, I mentioned that there were also many people like me who simply left ABB's website due to no action being taken by its owner. Therefore, I am not making any of this up. But you can think whatever you want. I don't care!

What am I doing "to make the world a better place"? I am focusing on myself, first and foremost, finding ways to get over my traumas, and ways to heal my body, mind, and spirit. Until I succeed at this life long mission of searching, and finding the answers that will free me from the shackles that have been holding me back, NOTHING I do can "make the world a better place." Been there, done that. Helping everyone but myself only got me so far. I am DONE going out of my way trying to help others and have a mission to "save the world", when I am fucked up and need help myself. So please go sing your kumbaya somewhere else. It won't work here no more. Have a nice day.

Allurah said...

I read this whole thread and I understand both sides but I don't think throwing the baby out with the bath water is a good idea either. Just because you don't agree with something someone does or say it not the best reason to throw them away. I disagreed with people on things in the past and grew older and learned that my disagreement was my own ego and lack of understanding that blocked me from seeing a truth. Then, there were times when I disagreed and was right. I understood what Boo was trying to do back then and I get what he's doing now.

I am a loyal member because I saw his heart and didn't focus on things that weren't that important. I saw all of the changes of the site and saw members come and go. Now, the site is peaceful and supportive and it's been that way for a long time now but members still don't support it the way I think that they should. When there was drama and conflict on the site, the forum threads would get heavy traffic and views. So, to me people say that they wanted 'positivity' but the views and support was the strongest when there was 'negativity'. People just don't always practice what they preach or mean what they say but having knowing ABB's work all of these years, he has been very consistent in everything that he has said and done.

Allurah said...

I must add that ABB is in direct connection with all of his active members on a regular and he posts and shares in the forums consistently. I haven't come across no one else who's doing that on the level that he is and not demanding a heavy fee for their time. The dedication, time and energy to commit to something like that should be given respect and support. The world would be a much better place if we had more people like abb in it, no doubt about it!