Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abraham Hicks is a FRAUD!

Everything is said through this "channel" or "medium" or whatever you wanna call "it" is recycled knowledge taken from the Law of Attraction and many other places, like Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts. I cannot STAND Hicks! I found out about "Abraham" when I started listening to hayhouseradio.com, and the first time I heard it I was like "wowwww, this is cool" because I am very into channeling, but then EVERY SHOW IT WAS THE SAME THING. it was almost as if someone forgot to change the tape recorder. SAME THING REWINDED AND REPLAYED EVERY SHOW. so I was like okay.. one more chance... once more.. than one more.. until I had the last straw when he started DODGING the question that was asked by some guy in the audience... "I wanna know your experience with other beings on other planets"... so.... "Abraham" replies with this............... "that is not going to help you! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah *same thing over and over* joy is blah blah blah and love is blah blah blah" it was right then and there I knew he was a FRAUD! you can't even answer a simple question, so you gotta regurgitate something that is completely irrelevant? STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fake ass channelers just milking all these poor souls for their money who believe in the same thing that's been repeated from the books about law of attraction or whatever else those 2 have read.

I also went to youtube, and listened to some uploaded lectures there. he would first start on the topic of let's say lucid dreaming, and then not even 10 seconds later start rambling about some other BULLSHIT that has nothing to do with lucid dreaming... i'm like... what THE. ... fUCK?!?! are you high? seriously??
Abraham also said that eating meat that is processed in the most fucked up way (torturing animals and then slaughtering them after feeding them with chemicals) is 'okay'. not verbatim but you get the point. so if they torture animals and have these fear frequencies run through the meat of what you consume is "okay", then I guess I've heard everything. pathetic.

believe what you want, but I call it BULLSHIT!

I personally think that maybe when Esther first started channeling "Abraham" it MAY have been real. but then once she stopped receiving the channel, she kept pretending otherwise to milk the sheep off their $$$. and then the rest is history.

Here is 100% undeniable proof that Abraham Hicks is a fake:

Hick's Crops Circle Contradiction



C Ackypants said...

Hey, I agree about Abraham Hicks, completely FAKE.
One thing that jumped out at me was you mentioned the horrible way that animals are killed and that Abraham Hicks condoned this.
OK, but you have a picture of what looks like a Mayan pyramid on the page where blood sacrifices of humans were carried out in massive numbers.
Do you condone cutting out the hearts of innocent people while they are still alive?

Sp said...

a couple of points regarding your sacrifice comments.

1) you are confusing the Mayans with the Aztecs, as many people do. even though the Mayans did engage in sacrifice, it was only done in rituals. but mostly, they offered blood to communicate with their passed over ancestors. Aztecs, on the other hand, were war-like people. THEY are the ones who have done blood sacrifices "in massive numbers" on the Aztec pyramid that is no longer around.

for you to read..


2) you have to understand just WHY the ancients participated in sacrifices. it was part of their religion. and the way people looked at sacrifice was totally different than we do in our culture today. Aztecs looked at life as a gift. when they went to war, their whole purpose was NOT to kill the enemy, but to capture them alive. life was the greatest gift they could offer to their gods. in fact, many Aztecs themselves have asked to be sacrificed. and if it was refused to them, they would DEMAND it.

i know it's shocking to many of us, but that's because our culture is very different. if someone kills another today, we are shocked and tremble in fear. all we want to do is lock them up or execute them. if you kill someone today, even if you were defending yourself, chances are.. you're going to jail. I know Aztecs went crazy sacrificing daily whenever things didnt go their way. but let's not forget that we have LOTS of our own problems within our own system.

and I've been meaning to change the background of my blog. just haven't found the right picture yet :P

104398 said...

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Sp said...

huh... I could've swore I replied to you. I guess not. Go ahead. Sorry for the late response.

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