Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's day

i have never pranked anyone on april fool's day. believe that!

so last night my mom and her ex left the FUCK outta here cuz she chose to go with him on a vacation. im like ... whatever.. FUCK YES!!!!!!!!! FUCK HIM AND GTFO OUTTA MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM FREE FOR 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got some weed, 100% sativa.. Cannatonic. the girl said it was 6% THC, i think. thats the lowest of all strands. thats what i need. indica makes me paranoid half the time. i wanna test this out while im home alone... havent smoked in months. i kinda am on a plan to get some ass while i got the house all to myself, but cant say it will happen. cant go from being a bum, to a mac daddy over night who brings women home from the streets. we'll see...

went to Berkley today and saw Kreayshawn from VNASTY at the flea market.. LOTTA fine sistas.. man.. black women got their game on lock. a lot of them with kids though, and intimidate the fuck outta me when they are in groups and being really social since i am so quiet. but its all good. i did some exercises. striked up some convos with peoples and eye contact. gonna get back into reading Dale Carnegey's book and focus on my social skills.

what else i wanted to say? ill be back after a nap to edit this.

back... NAPS RULE!!! i saw brothers on the train talking to girls. one of them was more observing, but the other was just straight macking. i was thinking like.. dang, this brother doesnt even care. he is not scared or nervous. he just says whatever comes to mind and compliments. "you got the cutest smile. when's your b/d? oh.. thats Libra! nah? scorpio? oh yeah, scorpios are etc.." then we both switched trains and he started talking to the white girl "you look like so and so from the tv show, ahah" i was thinking how he inhertited this from his ansestors indirectly, or directly where his father is still teaching him all the tricks of the game. what else?

I think that's it. i was gonna smoke tonight but its kinda late. plus, i gotta do some forms and 222 pushups, and then shower. plus, look for a job. so ill save up my smoking session until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dude, if it helps for you, try to attend a meet and greet from whatever you like. In those events (business mostly, but they occur in bars and stuff) people expect to meet other people, and it's a lot easier to talk. You just go for it and that's it.

Anonymous said...


fuck you.