Wednesday, April 18, 2012

saw my Sifu today

okay, so its almost 2am and I wanted to blog this before I go to bed.

I was going to this Chinese bakery that I go to get sesame balls. i come in and there are old chinese men talking amongst themselves. im like yeah whatever.. i just see the guy i know. he gets up, goes to the counter but didnt have change for a 100. so im like awww.. okay. i walk out and right before i leave this man starts yelling "HEY!!! HEY!!! SOMETHING SOMETHING HEY! YOU KNOW THIS GUY!??" i was like WTF!?!?!?! is he yelling at me? "HEY! YOU KNOW THIS GUY!?!?!" i look close, and its my Sifu.. i was like WHOLY FUCK! SIFU!!! and he sits there all half smiling. i shake his hand, but he almost fucking crushed mine. he turned around and started talking to them. so i walk out thinking like.. damn he is so COLD! i felt shivers. but i mean, i do respect him. he is what you could call a master. he achieved what 99% of men or women would never achieve in their lifetimes. he has a complete control over his emotions, his energy, and fear (calls himself "the dead man"). he is smaller than me but can kill any human being with 1 tap. he controls his energy, and can read others' as well.

i came back in with change and found out where he trains now. might go back to train with him for a month and see how it goes. we'll see. but like i said. i respect him as a Sifu, actually i think he is more of a Sensei. have not met one man who could beat him.. yet. but he should be a little warmer towards his students. but i cant blame him i guess. him and me never really talked or even clicked. i think its safe to say we are from different worlds. i havent seen him since i quit martial arts, which was around 2004. so it's been a while...

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