Friday, May 6, 2011

Flue Shots ARE WORTHLESS. I am sick.

not even 2 months later after having my first flue shot, I am sick. it was so bad today I had inflamation above my eyes due to my alargies. nose been running all night and day. the pain was unbearable. had to take ibuprofen which RULES btw. TY!!!!!!!!!! everything else is like I said.

Flue shots are useless, cost money, and pump you up with God knows what chemicals that is unknown to the sheep that get it every year. beware.


Paz said...

bro bro.... don't fuck with those flu shots or any of that shit, mayne. those shits are dangerous.

yo, question. speaking of health, you should go to the gym, cop you a membership or something. and have you gone to the doctor to check on your heart yet? you might wanna do that first before you go to the gym. don't want you to die and shit.

but i remember i was talking to you about straight outta hunter's point the other day. i found a link, fam.

Sp said...

i had no choice on the flue shot man. otherwise i wouldn't have gotten it.

i went to urgent care and then ER, my EKG is fine and doc said my heart is most likely 99.9% is fine. gym maybe a good idea, i dont know.

hey man, thanks for the hook up on hunters point film, but what is the password?

Paz said...


Sp said...

it don't work

Sp said...

it actually works! I had to type that in instead of copy/paste like I originally did.

Thanks my dude! I been looking for this for years, no DVDs, no rentals, this movie almost doesn't exist outside of theaters.