Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Egypt & its Secrets

I have been into spirituality for a couple of years on and off getting into it deeper and deeper. one thing I learned is that MAJORITY, if not ALL of the religions, new age stuff, and magic was borrowed or straight up STOLEN from Egypt. this means everything, spells, beliefs, for all I know passages in the Bible has been "borrowed" somehow from Egypt. now this isn't written in stone, but just something I keep on hearing, reading, etc.. it's mind boggling at how many people have learned from Egypt, and how much spirituality has been hi-jacked from that culture. But what's mind boggling to me even more is, WHERE ARE ALL THESE TEACHINGS TODAY!?!?!

if all these people have borrowed stuff from Egyptian religion, like Greeks fom example who allegedly borrowed Egyptian Gods and renamed them to their own, then how come all the knowledge of the REAL and ORIGINAL source is either hidden, or disappeared? am I not looking deep enough? or was the knowledge of Egypt been hi-jacked and then destroyed. I don't know man...

if you reading this and you know of any sort of book, or an author, a student, or a "master" who has followers in spiritual teachings of Egypt, PLEASE CONTACT ME! I want to learn, but from the looks of things I may just go the Buddha way. at least I can eventually find some "master" among the Hindus who could teach me the secrets of the Universe, and keys on how I could unlock them myself. I just wish there were as much culture alive today surrounding Egypt like there is that surrounds Buddha. Don't get me wrong, I do love Buddha and meditate every day, but my fascination for Egypt never faded.

Like for example, I been wanting to learn Mer-Ka-Ba meditation.

But every Egyptian book I look through, there is not even that word in its index. Like W...T...F!?!? Its origin is Egypt, so why the fuck can't I find it in the source? The closest I have gotten to is some new age dude who is teaching it, AND from what I've read he "went to Egypt, and had his 'initiation' there". See what I mean? this shit really piss me off, and I can't put it together.

do people learn from Egypt just by being at the pyramids because of certain energy fields that surround the site? or what? how and who teaches them the stuff? I don't get it. I want to know. I really want to learn...

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