Monday, May 9, 2011

The Bank Job, Firefly, Serenity - Movie Reviews

The Bank Job - this movie made me do research after I watched it, and not many movies make me do that. I even watched all the extras on the DVD, which I almost never do. If you like Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels, you will love this film. Based on true events from 1971 London Bank robbery, this movie ROCKS!!! 5/5 stars.

Firefly: The Complete Series - I watched Serenity, and it was one of the greatest movies I've seen. Then everyone told me to watch Firefly, which is what Serenity is based on. The first few shows were meh... mediocre acting, low budget show, reminded me of those cheap films you watch on Sci-Fi channel. But the worst of this series was intro music! omfg... COUNTRY music. like who the fuck wrote a script with a Sci-Fi movie that is based 500 years into the future, and then decided to mix it with country music? give me space music, techno, electronic dammit! that's what Sci-Fi spaceship movies are all about! but after a while I really got addicted to this television show, and realized it has something very important-a sense of humor! I watched all 14 shows and I gotta say, the crew is hilarious. the show #7 is the funniest of all. I was dying. I give this tv serious a 4/5 because the intro music sucks balls, but the story, the crew, and the humor sucks you in and makes you an addict. I wish there was more episodes of the show, but there isn't, unfortunately. I enjoyed it while it lasted very much. *pours out liquor for Firefly* you will be missed.

Serenity - to fully understand this movie, you must watch the entire Firefly series. Serenity takes off right after the last episode. it... fucking... rules! I loved it the first time I watched it, and had to watch it again to fully understand the story. so glad I watched it right after being done with Firefly. same cast, same humor, same action times 10. Love this movie as much and even more than I love the series. 5/5 stars bitches.

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