Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Righteous Kill, Eyes Wide Shut, Brooklyn's Finest, Social Network, Outsourced - REVIEWS

Righteous Kill - Loved this movie. It has one of the best stories I have seen in a while. I won't say anything else because if I even mention a slight bit, you can guess the plot. I loved every second of this film, and 50 cent is in it. G--G-G-G-G--G-GG--GG UNIIIIT! haha. no, but seriously, 5 stars out of 5 bitches.

Eyes Wide Shut - one keyword to keep in mind while watching this movie: Illuminati. and the fact that Stanley Kubrick died within like a week (?) of handing over the final script. had he not released this film, he probably would still be alive. 5/5 for obvious reasons.

Brooklyn's Finest - I really enjoyed this movie, but it is dark. Just know that if you watch it, you will be depressed throughout the entire film. 3 cops, and all of their stories has darkness in it. I enjoyed the movie cuz it is in NY and in the hood. I used to watch movies like this all day, every day. solid 4/5. if I say anything else I may give away the plot.

Social Network - interesting movie, but it wasn't all that enjoyable to me. mainly about people suing each other and some other drama. 3.5/5 stars.

 3s and lower

Outsourced - this movie is fucking dumb. the TV series is FUNNY AS HELL, but this movie, which the tv series was based on is stupid. it is silly and gets sillier as the movie goes on. the first 15 mins or so are interesting when he arrives in India showing how Indians live. thats about it. after that it suxed balls. don't watch this movie unless you like silly shit. 2/5 turds.


Anonymous said...

the kid in social network had aspergers like you and topaz

Sp said...

neither of us have aspergers. if you think we do, you don't know us very well.