Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

I am speechless. But can't say I am surprised. This is what happens when you have Islam rooted within your culture, with laws that enforce burqas on every female. This is what happens when you suppress the most natural element in the universe, human sexuality. Sexually frustrated men who are not even able to see a female form will seek it out elsewhere. In this case, young boys dressed in female clothing. This practice of Bacha bazi is mind boggling. Homosexuality, sex slavery, pedophelia, and murder; all of these things are happening in Afghanistan, of all places.

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan from Sajid Younas on Vimeo.
Revealing Truth , how young children are being abused.

Some of the parts of the movie brought me back to my childhood. When I saw those mountains towards the end, it reminded me of my country where I was growing up. The mountains looked just like the ones I've visited, since our countries are practically neighbors. I had a memory flash back for a moment to when I almost got abducted. We were at the last bus stop, and I got far enough away from my mom sitting around other people on the benches. As I went around this huge bus, 2 men surrounded me. They blocked the only exit in between buses all around. As I looked at one of the men, he had his eyes on me like I'm his prey. That's when I screamed, and luckily my mom came out and they scattered. I could have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered afterwards. What a crazy world this is. In the places where homophobia is at its peak, and gays get murdered in cold blood, illegal sex trade is still going on, and men with money and power run things like there is no tomorrow.

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Uzbekistan is the worst country in the world. Everyone over there is like Borat including the women