Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Honor Diaries - MOVIE REVIEW

This was not what I expected. The trailer looked so promising, but so many things are left unanswered.

There was this one part where they are discussing female genitalia mutilation. And they say how it is practiced across many African countries. It was one of the sickest things I have seen, and it was really hard to watch. But why do they practice it? Does it have anything to do with Islam? If not, what does it have to do with? What is its origin? The people behind making this documentary needed to do more homework before releasing this film.

Also one thing that I did not understand. There are all these women talking about the cruelties and atrocities that are done in the name of Islam. But... many of them are muslim. One lady is a suni muslim and her husband is a shii. But she is there sitting talking about how cruel it is to live under Islam. Really confused me. What made me even more turned off by this film was this one American muslim woman. I think she even used the word "racist" to describe people who dislike Islam. WTF!? Why do muslims do this? But what really put me off is that she is here discussing about these issues of women getting forced to wear burkas, hijabs, niqabs, and this bitch is wearing a hijab herself VOLUNTARILY talking about "what Islam means to me", describing all the good things.

Seemed to me that half these women were clueless on the root of the problem that surrounds the issues they are trying to tackle. On one hand, they complain about the mistreatment of women in Islam, but on the other, they are muslim. That's like complaining about Nazis mistreating Jews, while being a Nazi. I don't get it, and neither do they on what they are doing, at least long term. Talking about these issues is one thing, but tackling them while not realizing that the problem lies within the religion you follow is like not seeing forest for the trees.

2/5 stars. If you've already seen the trailer, you're not missing much.

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