Monday, July 13, 2015

Nicolai Sennels

So I just found out about Nicolai Sennels, and he has done some fascinating research on Islam. This article explains simply and thoroughly on why there is so many psychopaths in this "religion of peace." Yet when you google his name, you'll see people compare him to Nazis. Lol... muslims... attack anyone who exposes their religion for what it is, calling him a liar. Here are a couple of quotes from the article, but I recommend reading it yourself. It will take you 10 minutes.

When it comes to anger, Western societies widely agree that it is a sign of weakness. Uncontrolled explosions of this unpleasant feeling are maybe the fastest way of losing face, especially in Northern countries, and though angry people may be feared, they are never respected. In Muslim culture, anger is much more accepted, and being able to intimidate people is seen as strength and source of social status. We even see ethnic Muslim groups or countries proudly declare whole days of anger, and use expressions such as “holy anger” — a term that seems contradictory in peaceful cultures.
In Western societies, the ability to handle criticism constructively if it is justified, and with a shrug if it is misguided, is seen as an expression of self-confidence and authenticity. As everyone has noticed, this is not the case among Muslims. Here criticism, no matter how true, is seen as an attack on one’s honor, and it is expected that the honor is restored by using whatever means necessary to silence the opponent. Muslims almost never attempt to counter criticism with logical arguments; instead, they try to silence the criticism by pretending to be offended or by name-calling, or by threatening or even killing the messenger.

If you want to understand why there is so much Terrorism, and why it is ALWAYS linked to Islam, Nicolai Sennels breaks down the process of indoctrination and brainwashing of Muslims fairly well on a psychological level

Finally, the fourth psychological factor making Muslims vulnerable to the violent message in the Quran concerns tolerance. While Western societies in general define a good person as being open and tolerant, Muslims are told that they are superior to non-Muslims, destined to dominate non-Muslims, and that they must distance themselves socially and emotionally from non-Muslims. The many hateful and dehumanising verses in the Quran and the Hadiths against non-Muslims closely resemble the psychological propaganda that leaders use against their own people in order to prepare them mentally for fighting and killing the enemy. Killing another person is easier if you hate him and do not perceive him as fully human.

This is true. Verse 9:33 in the Quran tells muslims that their religion is "superior over all religions." But there is lots more there to create terrorists out of people. There is even a passage that say that muslims should never take non-muslims as friends. You just have to believe it is the word of god, and you could say goodbye to your freedom of choice. You'll just be a walking, talking zombie fighting a war, thinking it is "Allah's will".

The more I study this religion, the more it all makes sense to me on what is going on in our world today, and the more all the clueless liberals like Obama, Hilary Clinton, and all the other lefties make me see just how dumb, ignorant, and uneducated they really are when it comes to Islam. So, please study hard if you want to voice your opinion, or you'll end up looking like a brainless moron on whatever it is you are speaking on. I am reading a book about Islam right now that I will review later on. Stay tuned...

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