Sunday, August 9, 2015

Numerology today

Today I have seen some crazy set of numbers. The last time it was this intense, was when I was blogging about it when I was living in Los Angeles.

I woke up and saw 10:10, then I saw the following combos on the clock...

3:33 (i may have seen 4:44 but I don't remember)
666 on the license plates of a car when I was driving to Whole Foods to sell a cam corder for a friend
999 on the license plates of another car when I parked outside of my place.

I parked, and at the same time saw a gopher struggling underneath a car. I thought "why do I always see things things, and not other people? Then after a few minutes another car pulled up into the drive way of a house next to ours. This car had 999 on the plates. The gopher ended up underneath this lady's car. So I went over to tell her that, and not to move. I went in and got a glove, and moved the gopher over to the front yard of a neighbor with green weeds everywhere. They didn't seem like they had anything planted there, so the gopher wouldn't eat their plants.

Either way, I think the gopher was injured on one side since it couldn't get up no matter how hard it tried; at least on the concrete.

also, me and my friend saw 1:11, 4:44, and 5:55 yesterday. Crazy! We looked up 5:55 and it said something about a new change coming and to be open to it. Something like that. Here is the link. And when coming back home, and parking my car, I saw 111 miles on my speedometer.

The best thing I read about these Angel #s, is that it isn't for our conscious mind to understand. But it's mainly a code for our DNA, and our subconscious. This made the most sense out of everything I've read about triple numbers, and 11:11.

p.s. going to bed right now, and guess what I see? 1:11am. had to edit. this numerology is getting more and more intense lately. I wonder what is happening on a multi-dimensional level.

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I'm gonna punch you in the face 30 times tomorrow at 4 pm