Thursday, August 14, 2014

when will the Abuse of the Indigenous People end?

 it really makes me sad and angry seeing this sort of abuse STILL happen today. It's almost as if the rapings, and the killings wasn't enough when the Americas were colonized. But the government time and time again finds ways to fuck with the natives. The illegal oil drilling in Ecuador WITHOUT the consent of the natives that live there, the dam being built in Panama, and now the dam being built in Brazil. Every time this happens, the only people that suffer and are misplaced from their homes and their environment, in which they live in harmony not hurting anyone, are the indigenous people. And the only thing people can say is 'it's better to power 50,000 people, than to have 500 live on a land where a dam could be'. When these same misplaced families will most likely be working all day, every day, in jobs that NO ONE wants, for shit pay, living in large families cramped up in small apartments just to survive in our world they know nothing about.

I have a hard time getting a full time job with benefits that will help me get my own place, and I have a college degree. What type of job, or survival skills could these natives get when they are pushed out of their home jungles, and into big cities? I don't even want to think about it.

Our governments do nothing but lie, cheat, and pollute the land we live on by drilling oil, and dumping left over chemicals in rivers. Which poison fish, which we eventually consume. That's not to mention all the pollution that is released from driving our cars in cities across the world. And what makes me even more mad, is how so many ignorant fucks talk about 'these natives are backwards, and are primitive'. When WE are the primitive men who are KILLING ourselves, and the natives in the process. A bunch of cave monkeys we are, thinking we know anything because we got iPhones and telescopes, always looking to MAXIMIZE profit to squeeze that dollar out of every tree we cut down and every animal we raise, only to slaughter it and treat it like property. And don't get me started on all the illegal poaching of animals, some of which are already extinct.

living in this society makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. I live around a bunch of young people who all they want is to have fun at other peoples expense. Fucking parasites. Reminds me of that scene from The Beach, when Leanardo De Caprio realized that most humans are leeches. Realest scene in the movie.

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