Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seeing this makes me really not Like Cops

What are these Police Officers accomplishing by preying on the weak?

I totally identify with this kid. He has issues, a total loner with no friends, and no one to even talk to. Now here comes an undercover cop pretending to be his friend. Starts begging him for drugs. The kid is like 'oh man... I actually have a friend!? I will do anything to keep him'. Goes out and does something he would never do, and gets busted. WTF is this shit? I gotta say, I had a teacher from the South Bronx in my Criminal Justice classes back in college. And he said this about cops after being one for 30 years of his life. "Cops are NOT your friends! If you get arrested, DON'T TALK TO THEM! Know your rights and get a lawyer. Until you do, DO NOT TALK TO POLICE." Boy was he right. Cops could be the biggest criminals just to get you busted, and have them look good on record. If they need to bust someone and blame him with a crime, they will pick you in a heartbeat if you are dumb enough to give up your rights and talk with them.

I gotta say, though. The federal government today reminds me of the Europeans who colonized Americas. They had their own beliefs, and anyone with different ways of life were wiped out off the face of the earth. The federal government still looks at people who smoke marijuana as scum. It's like they still do to people what the Europeans were doing to the natives of this land back in the day. "Accept our god, or die." They still ruin peoples lives today. And this is just one tiny little case. Imagine how much damage they do to people on the grand scale.

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