Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Strange Dream about Snakes

so I haven't been journaling my dreams lately, and am very sorry for it. Because a lot of the time I forget parts of my dreams the next day, and even after a few hours upon wakening. Even though my dream recall is really good, I still need to get back into journaling all my dreams.

Last night I had a strange dream about snakes. It began with me hanging out with this girl who had an Anaconda, which had a very thick body the farther it got from its head. It was a very friendly snake, and I didn't get any sort of evil or negative energy coming from it. It was very hungry, so my friend showed me a white rat she brought for the snake. As I look back at the snake, it had its tail in its mouth. The snake was so hungry, it started eating its own tail! As my friend got out the white rat and hung it lose by its tail, the Anaconda right away started to regurgitating its tail slowly, and once it was done, it sprung towards the rat and swallowed it. Afterwards, the snake got really playful and started playing with us by hiding underneath this huge black blanket. Then all of the sudden, the scene changed. It went from me hanging out with my female friend I never met who had a snake, to me being in the Amazon, in Peru. I am standing outside with these short palm looking trees. Beside me is an American white man who is about 55ish or 60 years old with white greyed out hair, which was medium long. He seems to know a lot about the jungle (my guide?). He is telling me about how "the Amazon jungle is amazing, but you have to be careful because you will get bitten by snakes. One boy was bitten and started getting swallowed by 2 snakes from each side." I was very careful where I was standing, and I think he even directed me to switch locations and stand elsewhere.

After that, the dream ended shortly. I looked some of this up, but still not sure what it means.


Paz said...

that's a scary ass dream. you be going on dreammoods to look up for the meaning of your dreams too?

Sp said...

nah, I usually just google stuff and go to a random dream dictionary that pops up. but thanks for dream moods. I'm reading it right now. I need a good dream dictionary site.

and I read Robert Moss' book Conscious Dreaming, and he said the best interpreter of your dreams is yourself. he did talk about how to interpret dreams step by step but I didn't study his method, so I forgot.

Blogger said...
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