Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spider Medicine

I had a hell of a day which just ended a few hours ago. I will blog about it next when I get some energy. But when I got home, I saw a spider on above my window's drapes. I thought to myself of trapping it and freeing it, but as I went to take a shower forgot all about it. When I came back into my room, I put some food on my altar, and noticed the spider is gone. So, as I was just going to sit down to use my computer... THAT SAME SPIDER LANDED ON MY HEAD FROM THE CEILING. I was like.. 'dude... what do you want?' And from my crazy experience of the day, much of my fear is dissolved. I am not scared as much as I am curious to what that spider is trying to tell me.

I looked this up and I think spider medicine is something I need at this point in my life, maybe not in a literal sense. But maybe I need some guidance from a spider animal at this point in my life.

Peace, Love, and Respect to this Sioux Chief for sharing his knowledge and wisdom

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