Sunday, February 9, 2014

Amazing Astral Projection

Earlier this morning I had the most amazing Astral Projection aka Out of Body Experience aka OBE.

Long story short, for all of you who have followed me for a while, you know that I had an OBE blog. But I made it private. I felt that once I started having OBEs, some of them were pretty personal. I remember blogging about one where I witnessed my death in one of my incarnations at a concert. So, I felt like many of my discoveries are for me, and me only. When I first started my OBE practice, I was using Robert Monroe's Gateway Experience tapes. After a few months, I gave up and sort of felt it was pointless because I did not even have 1 OBE. Then I had my first OBE back in 2010. Then as I had so much fear, I found myself being stuck. I got to a point where my fear has become so strong while I have an Astral Projection, that I automatically eject, and get back into my body. I put this hobby of mine to a side as life took a toll on me and I really put my focus into getting a job and living HERE, in the NOW.

Very recently I started using Robert Monroe's GE tapes again. But this time I am doing it differently. Instead of using them 2-3 times each before moving to the next. I am using them 7+ times. The last session I have been practicing for at least 20 times. They really help me now because I already had my first OBE.

So, this is the Astral Projection I had this morning, which was my biggest break through. Every time I would have an experience and have it not last, be stuck for whatever reason, or due to fear, I get back into my body. And I just could not have another experience. The only thing I could do was to fall asleep. But this morning was different :)

What happened was I got into the trance where I am in my Astral Body, but am stuck in my physical body again. I could only move my Astral Hands, but could not even roll over to separate. I try the rope technique, which NEVER worked for me btw, nothing. I try opening eyes, and opened my physical right eye. Shut it back up real quick, but the OBE fades shortly after. So, I am thinking "great! guess that is it for today". I lay there waiting to fall asleep. But I remembered that when I am in this half asleep, half awake stage my visualizations would take me out of my body and into another place. This is where I am not flying, and not exploring the universe in my Astral Body so to speak. I mean I AM, but instead of me flying and being completely free, I am somewhere walking on land. I don't know what to call these OBEs, but it is where I am in either mine or someone else's body and I am at a different place. Robert Monroe described this experience in his first book, where he was talking about visiting either a different planet of a different civilization, or a different parallel reality in a physical body. I feel like this is what happened to me today.

So, as I was just about to fall asleep. I started to visualize. I visualized all sorts of things and right at the moment of when I was so drowsy, I knew I was slipping into the sleeping mode, I visualize separating from my body. And BAM!!!!!!!!! I AM OUT!!! I get up from bed, and find myself in some unfamiliar room. I look at the bed, but my body is not there. I have been practicing Tantric sex in real life, so I am still horny in my OBE (lol). I go from room to room looking for a girl. I see one, but as she sees me she disappears into thin air. Then I end up in this room where some party is taking place. Now at this point, the vividness isn't that strong. I am guessing it is because I am still new at this and 'phasing', as Robert Monroe calls it, isn't as strong and as focused as I am still new and inexperienced. So, I end up talking to one lady and she ends up telling me whether I am real or a spirit. It was strange because she knew that I could be either, and I was the latter, someone just passing by that can disappear upon wakening. Long story short, I meet these 2 tall African guys and ask them how I could find a club or a place to meet women. They tell me yeah, you gotta go to so and so place. And lead me outside. I follow, but missed them as they hop on a bus. It was snowing, so I start walking the streets. I end up finding a park with this man who was nuts. So I ask him "what city is this?", as I asked that lady in the room of the party, he tells me and the name is strange. I mean, really strange. Back at the party I thought that this is Earth, and US, so I ask this man "America?". He says "NO!" and repeats the name, then tells me the state of the city. I repeat it, then he says it again, I repeat it again. I do this over and over, being sort of glad this guy is nuts (btw, the names sounded the same as the lady told me earlier). So, we go back and forth repeating the names as I needed to remember them upon wakening. And I knew it was soon. After maybe 15 seconds, I wake up.

HOLY BALLS!!! THIS WAS MY LONGEST AND MOST EXCITING OBE I HAVE EVER HAD! I must've been gone for 30 minutes. Honestly, I feel a lot better having these sort of Astral Projections where I seem to be in some other body or am among other humans, be it another planet, or a parallel Universe. Because OBEs where I am flying, or projecting to some other place is scary to me as of right now. But I am working on conquering my fears, and so far I am very glad I picked it back up. I am really focusing right now on perfecting my Astral Travel, and at some point learn how to visit Akashic Records, so I could find more about my life mission and how I could get better at living this life that I chose this time around.

This was so amazing to me, I am going to practice again tonight! :) So much to learn, so many places to visit in this infinite universe. I just want to thank my spirit guides for helping me along in my journeys.

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