Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fuck the Valentines Day!

I am fucking sick of hearing about this shit every fucking year. Wtf is the point of valentine's day? I'll tell you what the point is. To get all the idiots of the planet to go out and spend their money! Other then that, I see no fucking point in this day.

I am just sick of it; every year the same shit... I just wanna turn it off, but can't. To me valentine's day is like sports. I just watch all the couples together in love, while I observe them without any of them know I exist. Same with sports. I just watch all these crazy fans worshipping their idols, without any of them knowing I am watching them.

What pisses me off is that the day is tomorrow on Friday, and I feel like it was today. I check my mail, it's there. I check an e-mail by Skype, they sent me some valentines day minutes. I go to google, it's there. HOT DAYMN ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT ALREADY!!! I wonder what this day would be like for me if I ever had a girlfriend. I bet I would feel different about it, hmmm or maybe not.

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Paz said...

LOL. even the prove your not a robot box is valentine's day friendly. was feeling the same exact way yesterday. now, it's like whatever. been jerking off today. that has helped.