Wednesday, February 12, 2014

60 Days No Fap Challenge

This will be the first time I will attempt this. This means no fap, no porn, no craigslist personals, no online website dating of any kind.

Today is day 1, 2/12/2014. I started at 12:00am almost 24 hours ago.

I do this because I am at a point where I don't have a lot of time on my hands. I am looking for jobs, I am also working, and I look for ways to improve myself in other ways. It's really hard not to fap when you don't have a girlfriend and have no friends to hang out with. I got all this time on my hands on my days off, and fapping is something I do, mixed with porn. And I am the one linking these videos on my blog how porn is bad for you, and so does fapping, but it's hard as hell not to fap when you are as lonely as me. Anyway, Let's see how I do.


Anonymous said...

You can make it!

Paz said...

honestly, i would advise against it but do what you will.

that whole no fap/no masturbation thing is a bad idea. i remember how you and me used to do that 10, 11, 12 plus years ago. you used to be able to go on a year or more not wacking off. i tried to do it too but my prostate would punish me for it. never again.

Sp said...

my reasons are very different this time, Paz.

my mind is set on money. not on fapping, not on video games, not on wasting my life feeling sorry for myself doing nothing. that's what I was doing back when I had that 1 year no fap challenge.

plus, fapping takes a lot of my time. I don't cum, and as I practice my Tantra for hours on end, it gets worse and worse because my sex drive gets higher and higher. It gets to a point where I'd be fapping for 5 hours straight!!! NOT WANTING TO DO ANYTHING ELSE! no thanks. I got no time for that shit.

I am focusing on leaving my body when I go to sleep. and having abundance in my personal life when I wake up in the morning, so that I am not stuck living with my mama for the rest of my life. I am sure you can relate to that.

Sp said...

Today, 3/19/2014, at 7:50 woke up from a dream. In the dream I saw a few people, one of which was a woman. I took her and put her on my lap. Right at the time of her sitting down I came and woke up with a wet dream.

Hmm... not bad for having a wet dream in exactly 5 weeks.

Still going strong with my challenge.

Sp said...

had a second dream about a week ago, and on 4/15/14 I ended my challenge. I did cheat a little bit by checking out cl ads the last 2 weeks or so. so, my next challenge to go without any porn AND cl. proud of myself.