Thursday, December 1, 2011

visual Waves in Meditation

this morning I started to see these waves about 15 mins into meditation. every time I'd breath out, I would see a wave coming from the top towards me. it wasn't anything colorful or visual but more of a subtle energy amongst the darkness. then at some point it started to move from top to left. *breath out* wave coming from top left towards me.. *breath out* more left... then at some point it started to come from my left and disappeared.


Anonymous said...

Any luck with that CompTia cert? I'm curious how much it helps in a job search.

Sp said...

it helps, but you need experience and lie about it. I also got a bachelors and that helps too but... most people don't even get back to me. I have had a few interviews, mostly on the phone, but don't hear back from them. here are the apps I DONT have experience with and am gonna dl, play around, and then lie on my resume that I do, as you should if you're looking to get into IT field.

VMWare - lets you install as many OSs as you want under the OS you are running -

Windows Server 2003/2008 - here is a video same guy who introduced me to VMWare told me to watch for 2008

Active Directory - must know this! it's the heart of the company. if you don't know AD, most won't hire you even with the A+ cert

MS Exchange - I think it's the email in AD, and is pretty important to know how to work it. many ask for experience with Exchange.

Norton Ghost - imaging the system and reimaging it.

MAC OS - dont know which one but ill get the latest, and hopefully VMWare can run Mac OS on PC

Linux - this is optional but I've seen a few companies require Linux knowledge. Ubuntu is the most popular one.

Lotus Notes - optional, but same as Linux. a few companies need you to know it.

VPN - this one is tricky since you can't dl anything. you need a subscription and the only way you'll get it is if you pay, or work for a company with it. but i think it's okay if you at least know the first 5 i listed.

other certs can help you are Microsoft Cert I think it's called MCSA or MCSE I forgot, CompTIA Network+, Cisco, etc.. But then again, if you have 5 years of experience with many things above vs someone who doesn't with every cert there is available, chances are they'll take HIM over you. good luck. we both need it.

Sp said...

hey, to the anonymous above. I hope you read this because a friend just sent me these links. here are several FREE quality online courses with Stanford instructors. check them out..