Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/21/2011 OBE Present to All

okay. so, today is a special day. exactly 1 year from now, the 2012 "event" date will come. Not sure what is going to happen, if anything. But I found something amazing and wanted to share it as a present to all the people visiting my blog.

A few years back I purchased a book called "Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect" by Robert Peterson. Then I remember on one night, last summer, I was sleeping with my Black Tourmaline stone. And all of the sudden I wake up with my whole body vibrating. I GOT FREAKED OUT and just shook the vibrations off. Then it happened again a few nights later, and again the next week. At some point I read a book on crystals and it actually said that black tourmaline strengthens Astral Travel! BUT... it happened after a few months of reading Robert Peterson's book. So both, the book and the stone, contributed to me having these experiences. But as much as I loved Peterson's book and exercises on how to induce OBEs, it was missing something... As a result, for about a year and a half I have had numberous OBEs, but they always happened sporadically. I wanted to be able to have OBEs by actually following some sort of a plan. And then... I found a book that actually has this PLAN to have conscious Out-of-Body Experiences!!! And the best part about it is... it is FREE!

I have only gone through 23 pages, the 'basics' of how to have OBEs, and already had 6 experiences! 3 OBEs and 3 Lucid Dreams. What is so exciting about this, is that I actually had more than 1 experience at a time. I had 2 Lucid Dreams in a row 2 nights ago, and 2 OBEs this morning. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

ALL I ASK OF YOU IS TO PLEASE PURCHASE THE HARD COPY IF IT HELPS YOU IN ANY WAY! It's only $50 on the website(don't buy the one from amazon, it's incomplete-missing around 200 pages. that's why it's cheaper). If you got any sort of questions, ask. Other then that, here is my gift to you. Happy travels!!!!!!!!! (o:

School of Out-of-Body Travel by Michael Raduga

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