Sunday, February 27, 2011

My mom's b/f has lost his marbles

so my mom asked me to bring 3 trees into green house. i was really hesitant cuz i didnt sleep more than 5 hours and really afraid to lift and do physical work. so even though i SOUNDED hesitant, i was like okay ill do it just wash my dishes.

So then I go outside to do it and then my mom seeing how i been suffering with insomnia started to lift one of the trees with me.. i was like 'mom... i can do it', and before i even had a chance to say anything, her b/f opens their bedroom door that goes to the backyard and starts yelling 'BABE, DONT YOU DO IT! ITS NOT THAT HEAVY! IT'S NOT THAT HEAVY!!" (my mom does have back problems and i am aware of it).. so my mom starts saying something back, i dont remember. and he starts yelling same shit or whatever. I was like 'she won't let me do it' trying to explain that I.. am... trying... to do.... this... alone... but... she ... wont... let me... this idiot opens the window, comes out, and starts yelling "ILL TAKE YOU OUT!!! ILL TAKE YOU OUT!!!" and starts throwing his hands at me... I'm thinking... "um... wtf!?!?!" and then I catch his hands and go "ARE YOU CRAZY!?".. THIS MAN HAS CANCER AND IS GOING THROUGH CHEMO!!! and here he is not even knowing what is happening barging into the situation, and throwing his hands at me talking about "ILL TAKE YOU OUT! ILL TAKE YOU OUT!".. so i say to him... "ILL FUCK YOU UP!!!" then he goes "YOURE fucked up" (he misheard me?) so im like "no YOURE FUCKED UP". then he starts yelling about my mom having back problems or whatever.. Im like IM TRYING TO DO THIS ALONE BUT SHE WONT LET ME DO IT WTF U WANT ME TO DO? so he kept yelling or whatever talking about 'he can do it, blah blah blah'.. and then he was like 'OR MAYBE HE'LL "FIGURE IT OUT"'... like wtf!?!?

first of all, this guy has cancer. 2nd, he is 50 something years old. 3rd, he is a typical American (white).. as in.... ARRRRRR IM CONFIDENT!!!!ARRRRRRR I WILL TAKE YOU OUT! YOU ARE SMALLER THEN ME AND I DONT LIKE YOU! THEREFORE, I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!!!! ARRRRRRR!!! I have taken martial arts and have heard and talked about retards like him. they go ARRRRRRRR ILL TAKE YOU OUT ARRRRRRRR IM STROOOONG! until you kick their ass. and lastly... I will fuck him up so bad... that I will let him fuck me up and hit me if I had to just so that his family members and all the others won't think im such an evil guy for kicking an ass of a cancer patient. I am really afraid to kill him, actually. GOD forbid if this goes down and I get really nervous (I got PTSD and have problems with fear getting out of control), and hit him in one of his pressure points.

I really, really, really don't like this guy. Some facts about him just to show you how much of a douche bag he is. 1) he proposed to my mother yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago but refuses to marry her because "my mom told me when you marry a woman, you marry her family", 2) my mom told him to fuck off until he figures it out what he wants to do, he left and told his relatives that he is ohh so depressed and down, and my mom took him back in. imo, he tricked her. 3) until this day, he is nothing more than my mom's b/f, 4) he want(ed) to be my father figure (luls), 5) he is from Orange County who is a "good guy" and has faith in our criminal justice system (all cops are good; all they're doing is putting the bad guys away.. and I quote... "but they're[youth in the ghettos] just gangs, let them kill each other". he reminds me of a typical liberal with zero life experiences out of his own little perfect world becoming a 5.0. and harassing black people in the ghetto because they are "so rude and disrespectful." 6) he thinks he can beat me in a fight (another luls, but whatever. ill let him beat me. i need some ass kicking anyway), 7) he looks down on everyone. I.e. my mom's childhood friend came from Florida and her husband is this cross eyed Italian man. so this douche asked my mom "doesnt that (his cross eye) bother you?" and my mom was like.. yeah.. at first.. but then I find out about him as a person and i dont care about it any longer. every person he judges like that. "this guy has cross eyes" "that guy doesnt wanna hang with me and be my fake son" "this woman i dont wanna marry cuz i dont wanna marry her family, and her son i am angry at".. like.. WTF!?!? YOU AINT PERFECT YOU BITCH! YOU GOT FLAWS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! 8) he doesnt give a fuck about other people outside of himself and his friends who he wants to help so bad. i.e. my uncle has glaucoma, and I got insomnia. I slept 3 hours and my uncle has a hard time driving at night. They made us go to San Jose to help them move when NONE of their friends would help, and kept us there until it was DARK (my uncle's issue), and complained that I am not doing a good job (my insomnia issue, it feels really hard on my heart, so I try not to do too much lifting. does he care? NO!). So, he didnt even thank me or my uncle for it and on top it all made him stay passed dark. 9) he always thinks he is right, 10) control freak. got mad at me and still mad that i dont wanna hang out with him, go to clubs/bars with him and hear him talk, play tennis with him (luls on all 3. fuck you! you aint my friend, and you not even my step-dad. you my mom's b/f. stay in yo place). hence, all this anger just came out at once (this guy will rant for 2 hours if you let him. and if you say a word back, another 2 hours of ranting)

There is a lot more but I will leave it at that. I wanna see if this asshole even apologizes.


Paz said...

wow....... fuck your mom's boyfriend, fam. tell him i said that shit. dude is a bitch. gonna talk about he wants to marry your mom but he doesn't wanna marry her family. he doesn't sound like a liberal saying that shit, fam.

Sp said...

yeah man. he tricked my mom into getting back with him and i understand why my mom went for it. it's hard to find a man at her age. but he has got to be one of the most clueless dumb fucks I ever met in my life. he has no sense of what is happening and how things are happening outside of what he "thinks" is happening in his surroundings, and the world. the news channel is almost on 24/7 here. it's scary.

Anonymous said...

u should quit being jealous of that dude & concentrate on fixing your trainwreck of a life

Sp said...

"jealous" of him? are you serious? how am I jealous of him? you sound like him saying that. I don't like him and don't want him intruding my life or invading my privacy, especially on a psychic level. the fucker has been wanting to get close to me and for me to "love" him and be his son since he got with my mom. he want us to be a happy family out of the movies when me and my mother's family are very dysfunctional, which I think is one of the biggest reasons he doesn't want to marry her.

"most families are normal"... him indicating that his family falls into that category. fuck that loser. he operates on an ego level and is never going to "get it" unless he gets out of his own mind, which will never happen.

you either haven't read anything I typed, or not very good at reading people.