Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This is the future of America

...if liberal take over our country. with the rise of homosexuality and gay rights, feminism, atheism, liberalism, progressivism, the elites are turning their own home lands into the future 3rd world hell holes. you don't have to look far to see this already happening here with Obama. He went out of his way to make gay marriage legal, when majority of the Americans are against it, he appointed Loretta Lynch to be the attorney general, whose biggest fear is NOT the safety of the American people, oh no no no. Her biggest fear is the "backlash" that may happen against the very same people who want to turn America into the next caliphate. Obama has stopped several FBI investigations based on certain salafi mosques because he did not want them to be "racially profiled". he appointed many muslims into key positions within the government. he infiltrated our system with key members of muslim brotherhood, whose whole purpose is to take over America from within. Do you really think this will stop if Hitlery gets elected? It will get much MUCH worse. This country will be going further and further down into the footsteps of political correctness, and any criticism against Islam would label you a racist, and and islamaphobe bigot. All in the middle of muslims slowly progressing and taking over our system. and once enough of them get appointed in key positions, out the constitution, and in sharia.

Sweden is on the verge of collapse within the next 5 years. most of the parasites that are coming into the country don't work, and collect free handouts from the kafir, while the hard working Swedes are nothing less than slaves to the 9 to 5. too bad most of the media tries everything it could to hide this from the Swedes, who are the real victims here. I can't even imagine living in Sweden not being able to move out on my own for years and years, while these fucking cock roach invaders get their own place within weeks. It's disgusting what these elites are doing to their own people and their own children. They are a DISGRACE to their ancestors, and should be put on trial and jailed for treason. something we oughta do to Obama, and all of his crew


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