Saturday, December 12, 2015

I need some Healing

I am so exhausted of life sometimes.  So lonely, so cold, so isolated. I feel like I am stranded on an island with no one around, and my sanity is slipping away. I need some healing. All these politics, chaos, terrorism, with the whole world blowing up isn't helping my mental state at all whatsoever. I need to get away. Maybe I just need a good group of friends. But good people are hard to find. And when I do find them somehow, someway, they almost always have other friends who are fun, go out, enjoy life, etc.. And I end up being alone again. Maybe I need to change my vibration. I keep thinking about it this way, and same thing keeps on happening to me over and over.

I'm just gonna smoke some, maybe play some video games, listen to this music and then go to bed. This feels good. I need more music in my life. Music helps... a lot!

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