Thursday, December 10, 2015

Muslims are the biggest liars

they will lie to your face, lie on record, lie on websites, lie on youtube, lie using taqiyya, lie even if 100% exposed that Islam is the biggest lie that allows to lie to non-muslims all the time in order to advance islam. and then they'll try to silence you. they'll spend their life to silence you. their whole purpose would be to silence you. you are commanded to silence your critics like Charlie Hebdo, Theo Van Gough, etc.. like Muhammad murdered all of his. this is one truly messed up religion. me living right in the middle of it, I never understood all the animosity towards me until I picked up a book and started studying Islam. I was nothing more than an infidel, a kafir, a crusader in their eyes. I was not human. I felt like I was in hell at certain times of the day. I could not walk into a muslim school by myself out of fear of being attacked. I was never even attacked there but knew that muslims would jump me and beat the shit outta me if caught. I felt like a cat that saw everything from my tree, but everyone had a hard time seeing me.

but anyway, maybe I'm just really high. I haven't smoked ganja in a while. I tend to ramble on and on when I smoke. I should roll a joint, take it with me, and light it up before going into a club. but then again, my PTSD syndrome is bad enough. weed will make me even more paranoid.

this video kept fucking bugging me for months. always avoided clicking it since I hate Megyn Kelly. turned out to be pretty good after all.

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