Sunday, June 1, 2014

Far Journeys, Robert A. Monroe - BOOK REVIEW -

So, I've had high expectations for this book because I read that it was the best one out of the trilogy by Robert Monroe. Far Journeys started out slow, but it was getting more and more interesting. Then it slowed down again, and was hard to follow. The terminology was sort of vague and confusing, but then I understood why. Robert was trying his best to translate from the 'language' of energy in various energy systems, into the language of words. It isn't an easy task, and I think he did the best he could.

Some chapters in the beginning made me wonder why this book was so hyped up by a few people, until I started reading the part about reincarnation. This was when Monroe met 2 beings whom never incarnated before, took an interest in the physical experiences, and asked Bob to tell them how it works. Monroe saw how curious one of them got about life in the physical, that he got 'sucked into' it. It was the most fascinating chapters I have read in a book, possibly ever. But then again, I always wondered, and sought out answers about the process of reincarnation. By observing it all in the Out-of-Body state, Monroe saw exactly what happens, and how a soul goes through the process of its first incarnation, to its many more to follow, to finally, after thousands of lives, the last one called "graduation". He goes into so much depth that I just could not put the book down. I got lost in it, and didn't want it to end. For a while I was meditating reading this book. Here is Robert Monroe talking briefly about the process of reincarnation. But he goes much deeper on it in Far Journeys. This is like a summary, and a good summary at that.

Far Journeys is a lot more heavier and interesting than his first book, Journeys out of the Body, which I did not review but read it a while ago. I am so looking forward to buying his third book, it's not even funny. In due time...

I give this book 4.5/5 stars because even though some chapters were slow and hard to follow, the ones about the process made up for it 10 fold! I love this book, and I love Monroe. I have gained a lot of respect for this man. Because he is all about finding out the truth, rather than trying to brainwash people or instill fear into them just to have them follow his teachings.

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