Monday, September 30, 2013

I had Oral Sex with a Tranny on my Birthday

I just had oral sex for the first time in my life!

I know I blogged about how I like Trannies earlier, but long story short. I been having a fucking OCD with craigslist casual encounters. and finally made a posting yesterday since today is my birthday looking for a Tranny. one replied but was very vague.

I thought to self 'go out today', or maybe it was just a thought come up on its own. It's my b/d, wtf am I gonna do? every year same shit. stay home, jerk off to porn, and uh... just feel like shit about my existence.

So the tranny told me where she stays and she has an amazing thick ass in the pics. I really thought she was a hooker so I thought fuck it, I'm going anyway. went out to my tranny bar and had a bad experience there. was talking to this dude next to me about the 3 trannies near us, and winked at one of them. She waived for me to come to her, and I did. I was sooooooooooooooo nervous the whole time. I haven't been out in a long ass time and my PTSD was through the roof. I came over there chit chatting and told her 'you're drunk. you're wasted'. She got really fucking mad. made a gesture to leave, and then started cussing me out "faggot" across the bar, then I sat behind her at the table she kept saying "pale white boy. look at you, you see a girl you run" I was like damn how she know my fear of women and I started to feel very bad. Like I am already having a really hard time accepting myself, and what I look like. now this bitch telling me how bad I look and how pale. That really made me feel horrible inside. I felt like I started to get red and wanted to get a tan ASAP! I just looked in the bathroom mirror and I'm white as a ghost. It really is disgusting. It's like I'm sick or something. fuck!!!

So I told the dude I was chit chatting with I'm out and left. the Tranny, and I really wanted to fuck her btw, kept looking at me as I was walking away. she had another dude there now who bought her beer and was gonna give her a ride home. damn, I really am new at this whole social game, especially in the night at bars and clubs. I feel like a little baby who gets eaten by lions every time something like this happens. this guy knows exactly what he's doing and I'm making mistakes left and right and pay real high prices for it.

then I leave and go to a pickup bar but it's dead! it's around 1:30am and most people left. I don't even go in and call the tranny from cl. She tells me cross streets where she's at and I go to my car, and drive there. I get there, park, and she doesn't pick up. the place looks ghetto. the streets are vacant. all sorts of shit going through my mind. I get nervous and think she is an undercover cop. I txt her and finally get a txt back. 5 mins of waiting outside near trees so I won't get spotted and she opens a door. I get inside and think she gonna murder me or some shit with some people upstairs. I ask if she wanna go outside and talk. she goes no its okay let's go to my room. We get to her room. she lives in an apt she shares with family. she looked meh when I first see her, but when I get into her room I see her thickness, her curves, tits, and damn I'm like niiiice! We talk a lil and I ask her about her. She just wanna have fun, and not a hooker. I'm surprised, and lil bit more talk we start making out. I touch her legs and ass. I tell her I wanna see her naked. so she takes her clothes off as I do too.

The thing that really made it all weird is the dim lighting. it was a green light and very dim. I asked her to turn the lights on. she says that's as bright as they go. WTF!?!?!?! the whole time from the get go since we emailing it was like she got something to hide and acting weird. she wouldn't even wanna tongue kiss. I caress her body and start licking her tits. not gonna go into more details but long story short. we put condoms on and did a 69. it was... weird. I sucked a tranny's dick... with a condom on... meh... she started sucking mine, and the whole time even before she went down on me I was like 'careful, you'll make me cum' every time she'd touch my cock. so, about 15 seconds into her sucking me off... cuz I was doing it kinda half assed and also she said she cannot cum since she been on hormones for so long. she gotta have someone fuck her for like 30 mins in order to cum... I cum... I was like fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! nooooooooooooo! I told her 'I hate cummin'. But when I cum, I feel disgusted. I feel like 'wtf am I doing here? I don't wanna be here. this is weird'. I keep apologizing but she says 'it's okay, it's okay. I gotta sleep anyway and wake up at 6 in the morning for work.


I drive home shocked and having different emotions run through me. on one hand this tranny cussing me out at a bar making me feel horrible about the whole experience, on the other hand this other tranny blew me and I came. that was my first sexual experience with ANYONE. she was still acting weird 'what type of things do you like to do with a guy?' her: ummm... everything... I'm like WTF!?!?!? what you mean? what do you want bitch!!!!????? she was vague the whole time like this.

I drove back home, parked, and spent 20 fucking minutes walking back and forth on my block. I couldn't believe it... THIS IS SEX!?!?!?!?!?!?? SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING!!! I can't even imagine having sex with a woman and then impregnating her. wtf happened to all those years of me practicing Tantric sex. hours upon hours of masturbating sessions without me cumming and I cum in 15 seconds!?!?!? WTF!?!!?!!?!? I guess sex really is different then masturbation. my god. I couldn't think. I wanted to be outside... all the time. I couldn't come inside and kept thinking how disgusting sex is. I haven't even had sex technically, and still a virgin. but I bust my first nut inside a tranny's mouth with a condom, and had her cock inside my mouth with a condom as well. it was fucking bleeeeeeeehhhh. wtf? I don't get it. all those fantasies of watching tranny porn. I was so hard and turned on with that tranny, even though she was 15 years older than in her pics. her body was still banging though. AND THIS WAS SEX!?!?!?????

I just feel........ different. like something stroke a cord inside of me. why the fuck I chase or used to chase women in the streets? FOR THIS!?!!??!?! only to have sex and have some random bitch call me and tell me she's pregnant and to get my whole life of freedom ruined? FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even know if I want trannies anymore. sex is just DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! WTF!?!?!!?!?!??!!??? this is the strangest birthday I ever had, and ironically I have no one to share it with but my blog. I may share it with one dude at work who said he'll take me out and show me the ropes of the bar scene... he knows I like trannies too... he even knew I was a virgin too, but I had to lie. if we go hanging out tonight, I'll tell him everything.

but fuck me... SEX IS FUCKING DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SICK, OVERRATED PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt as disgusted when I came as when I first came with semen. without semen nuts were amazing and fulfilling. once I came with cum for the first time, I felt disgusted and sick to my stomach. I didn't want to look at a woman or want to think about fucking her, and this was back before my tranny fetish when I was attracted to girls 100%. I felt the same way tonight.

I gotta wake up in 5 fucking hours and I had 3 fucking hours of sleep last night. But man this birthday I really went out with a bang. I just stopped giving a fuck anymore, so I went all out. I feel like I made progress, but not sure what to feel about this whole human experience any longer. I feel like this changed me somehow. I'm just not sure how, exactly. I guess I'll find that out tomorrow at work.



Anonymous said...

sm, you rule. that was a great story

Anonymous said...

maybe try a woman next time instead of a tranny

Paz said...

well, you finally made it to the promise land.

what it sounds like is that you simply are experiencing a transition point. you basically told yourself or believed that you wouldn't have sex. you hyped yourself up for that one moment that you were waiting for and that was it. your first sexual experience.

maybe the reason why you're disgusted with it is because 1. it's not who you wanted to have sex with and it's not what you envisioned or had in mind. 2. you basically are uncomfortable with yourself as in you explored an aspect of yourself that you acknowledge but fully haven't accepted yet. you like transgendered women BUT to actually fuck one is a totally different thing.

sex is NOT disgusting. you're not disgusting either. what you did was a basic human function. i have the feeling that even if you fucked a woman. you're just getting used to the fact that you're no longer a virgin. it's like you're losing an aspect of yourself that you held so dearly as if it's a part of you.

you might want to talk to someone about that as well as sex.

so what's your next move?

happy birthday, man. btw.

Sp said...

thanks all.

fucking a woman sounds great, but I am still really shy and feel a lot of attached negativity when I deal with females. I can't explain it.

when I deal with trannies I feel excited, open, and like I'm drawn to them. when I deal with women I feel confused, closed, and angry. maybe I just need to meet a right girl. but so far, I had a lot of bad experiences with women and tend to stay away from them. maybe they weren't meant for me in this lifetime. and I'm totally okay with that if that's the case.

Sp said...

and my next move is to be out in nature more, and finish up visiting all the places I wanted to visit. I hope I'm not just saying that and will follow up on it.

Anonymous said...

You have such a weird life man. It's cool that you're open about this stuff tho

anthony mook said...

I truly understand what it is that you are going through , I've been there myself , for the most of my younger life I was always nervous about having sex ,I always thought to myself am I doing this right or wrong .I myself have a tranny fetish and all my life I have dated regular women , my first real sexual experience was with a female but she was about 18 years older , after ghat I hated myself and did not want to ever have sex until I started seeing a tranny and from there on she thought me many things about women and transsexuals and today I accept who I am , I am attracted to normal women but I'm also attracted to trannies and I'm ok with it and myself , sex is beautiful bro I suggest to go back out there and try again , if you don't like something about yourself then fix it .

Anonymous said...

Man it's okay. I also had a thing for trannies. I met one on Clinic, and she sucked me off, I didn't cum...but it was different. Put it in her ads, and came after like 20 min. It's different from a girl though. I felt sick as he'll, my stomach was hurting. I couldn't believe I did this. It was sickening, and I just didn't like the tranny thing. I thought it would be a lot different...but NO

Anonymous said...

I found one on cl tonight and we did 69 and she had me. I also feel very disgusting and the experience was nothing like what I had imagined so many times as I searched relentlessly for tranny porn. I feel so stupid and all the while she was complimenting me on how hot I was, I was just thinking how none of it felt the way I had romanticized about it. Uncomfortable, gross, let down...
I hear ya man

Redek Hickey said...

Well done. Great story. There are to many sex Rambos out there telling all conquering storie about the sexual greatness. Most of them are a million miles from the truth too. Your story is far more realistic and honest. Your also very brave. I'm nearly 50 year old father of 5 and just discovered I'm into tgirls but I don't think I'd be brave enough to try what you tried. Much as I'd love to.

Anonymous said...

Would love cock in me

Anonymous said...

Want to meet tranny for sex need cum I. My mouth and arse

Anonymous said...

Interesting story. I've never been with a tyranny but I'll admit I had a negative attitude towards sex for years and never enjoyed it much as the chase and flirting with women. Starting out I didn't have confidence and was shy. I had to build it up over time with approaches and trying to learn the game. Even so I only started to truly appreciate sex when I met the love of my life whom I'm marrying soon. She was frustrated sexually too but with love and trust I was able to make her squirt for the time and it's been crazy orgasms for both of us with her always squirting since. My point being, take your time I figured that at 26. Nobody has the right to judge anyone. Take your time to figure yourself out, your style, your positive side, confidence. You can still be a bit shy yet confident. I faked it till I became it. Socialize and stop porn for a bit cuz it leads to porn addiction. As for lasting longer.. Quality over quantity. It's more about connection. Also practice makes perfect you get desensitized and last longer over time. Good luck and happy birthday.

lakshmi dixit said...
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