Thursday, November 14, 2013


Google has got to be the worst piece of shit company that exists today. All these fucking retards do is FORCE shit onto people.

Once they bought youtube, it has been going downhill. I remember way back a few years youtube was perfect. 5 star rating system, unique channel designs, and complete freedom with what you can do with your channel. Now? It's all fucked up, thanks to google.

I remember when they changed the channel design and made it bland and all the same for everyone. Google made a video on "how to use the new channel design". And I'm not even over-exaggerating when I say this. THERE WAS 98% DISLIKES ON THE VIDEO! EVERYONE HATED IT AND EVERYONE TROLLED IN THE COMMENTS OF THE VIDEO. "fuck you google. eat shit and die!" "fuck you google, give us our old design back" etc.. What did google eventually do? Delete the video, lol. What a fucking joke.

Fast forward to today, what is the new failed idea by google? Google+, the worst piece of pointless shit I ever seen. Every few months, google changes something or things in youtube that NO ONE LIKES and you gotta adapt to their new BULLSHIT changes that NO ONE NEEDS! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to learn your new crappy ideas that I don't need. I don't want to get used to the new layout or format of youtube. GO TO HELL!!! I DONT WANT TO USE MY REAL NAME ON YOUTUBE! THAT'S WHY I STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK! IF EVERYONE USED THEIR REAL NAMES, WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF HAVING PRIVACY? People could just google me and see where I'm from, my pics, what I did last week and with whom. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here is another thing that pisses me off. This google+ crap is FORCED onto us. We can't escape it because google doesn't give us a choice.

So, my proposal to everyone is to LEAVE YOUTUBE! If you want to keep a youtube channel and watch free movies, DON'T MAKE ANY NEW VIDEOS! Also, instead of googling something, bing it. I already changed my home to And Bing's maps is MUCH MUCH FASTER than google's btw. Google does not give a FUCK about you or me. I remember when the new generic channel design got converted and how everyone hated it, there was a new "feedback" button. Did youtube/google ever listened to any of us complaining saying how much we hate it? No. Do they ever listen? Nope. Have they EVER listened? NO! They just keep adding new pointless, and idiotic innovations that no one likes. And when we complain about it, a few months later they just come up with ANOTHER retarded idea and push it onto us. Google doesn't seem to understand the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

There are some unique video websites that may not be as popular as youtube, but they are not as fucked up the ass as google made youtube. There is Vimeo, there is Liveleak, and if you know of any better ones, please leave it in comments so I can edit this post. And I leave you with a video stating exactly how I feel about google+. FUCK GOOGLE! AND FUCK GOOGLE+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paz said...

word up, shit is ridiculous. i blame myspace and facebook for starting this moment. no privacy and sad enough, it seems that the general public especially the younger generations like the 90 babies are brainwashed to believe that they don't deserve privacy. putting their real names and even taking pictures of themselves naked and the whole nine. they say all of us that care about privacy are "antisocial" as if there's something wrong with having your own business.

whatever happened to people minding other people's business or caring about their business. sad.

Sp said...

actually, there is a lot of 'anti-social' people on facebook posting pics of themselves. facebook is probably one of the only sources that gives them social proof. but in their every day life, those people are lonely as fuck! that's why I barely get on facebook, if ever. and you'll never find my pic on there. it's all FAKE beyond belief. all them pics you see of guys partying and living 'the life' is not as exciting as they all make it out to be.

but hey, if you wanna put your business all out there, do you. I just think we all should have a choice. but not with google. google always pushes dumb retarded and pointless ideas on us thinking we will just go with it. HELL NO! that's why you'll always see people complaining and writing letters to google. too bad they don't care and treat us all like little children who always complain all the time. well, if you treat us like children, we will act like them. fucking cunts.

Paz said...

well.. yeah. they are antisocial and they may feel lonely. i think they're more of self centered or narcissistic where they want everyone to acknowledge them or to make themselves feel special. just like sohh. you know, the internet has made a lot of people delusional where they can be fucking stars and etc in their own minds when they're not.

google is fucked up. everything is merging. facebook, myspace, twitter and etc. no more fucking privacy. bad enough, they got gps and webcams on every fucking device monitoring folks. funny how folks complain about nsa but yet don't mind tossing themselves to google, facebook, youtube and etc.