Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Woman Approached me Today

Today, Friday, 9/20/13, I had a woman approach me for the first time in my life. in the 33 years of living on this planet, I have NEVER had a woman approach me, EVER!

What basically happened was this. On my way to work I get off the train and start walking upstairs to get to the street level. This blonde girl runs up beside me on the stairs, turns to her right and asks me "Excuse me, could you point me towards the direction of Target?" Before she asked me anything I thought "holy shit, is this what pick up is like for women?" I was watching the girl's body language from my peripheral, and thought "this looks like me approaching women but..." and boom she did it to me. Now at this point when she asks me this, I am so shocked I did not know what to do. In fact, I started to get really nervous as she opened me, possibly because she was nervous herself. I was so taken aback I did not know what to do or say so I just pointed towards where Target was. I could've said "where you from" or "what's your name?" or "you're cute" and she was cute btw. But she just caught me off guard.

I am still in shock that a woman would have the balls to approach a man in the street like that. Thank god they exist. I thought that all women are just a bunch of passive or passive aggressive little scary creatures. I guess that there are some out there that go after what they want. Glad to know...


Anonymous said...

almost there. you'll be getting laid in no time

Paz said...

happy birthday, space. like the poster above, you'll get laid soon.