Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the Presidential Campaign is a JOKE!

a complete joke.

the candidate becomes a president when people vote him in, but i still dont get how that works because the Electoral College votes for the president. but in the end, the man who knows how to talk the best wins. in other words, the man who knows how to be the biggest bullshiter. "ill do this, and ill do that, blah blah blah". when he gets in the office he doesnt do half the shit he said he would. it was all done just to win.

I dont even follow politics anymore. i just watched the debate at lunch today for 5 minutes and almost puked "I believe in god, and blah blah blah" yeah, of course you gonna say that. most of the sheep believe in the same christian god that was used to control the slaves and brainwash them. now this same religion is used to control the sheep of today who dont know a thing about "god" but what the preacher tells them. it's a fucking joke, a real joke. i can't believe people take this bullshit seriously.

i remember i heard someone say something like "the last president of the united states was JFK" and i think they were right. anytime there is a leader that actually makes some sort of difference or does something for the country or its people, he gets taken out. JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Fred Hampton. all of these leaders were killed. the presidents today are just like puppets. they do what they are told. fuck the presidential election. i dont give a fuck who wins or loses. its the same bullshit to me. all the hype and at the end, it's just TALK TALK TALK. STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of you. just STFU!

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Paz said...

i agree. i was listening to what they both were saying and they both made me raise my eyebrows. it was sad really. at the end of the day, it was basically both of them talking a whole mess of shit. the electoral college is going to give it to obama anyway so all of this shit is pointless.