Saturday, October 20, 2012

I hate my job

I can't sleep right now and because of this situation at work.

pretty much what happens is this. there is this girl there. she is nice. she talks to me. we talk when its just 2 of us. i enjoy her company. but all the fucking time all she does is complain "it's boring. i hate it here. i am sleepy. this job sucks. i am tired. they dont pay much. he is too loud, she is too quiet, blah blah blah". i enjoy her conversation, but she really brings me down with her negativity.

there is this guy there. he ignores me. he looks down on me. he thinks he is better than me. he avoids me. i could try mess with him by constantly talking to him and act like we best friends but it is almost impossible. why? because when he is there, SHE is there. and when they are there, they start having convos amongst themselves and completely ignore me. it's like i dont exist. they have their vibe going and i get left out of the convo completely. i feel extremely uncomfortable, unwanted, and rejected. they both judge me, the guy overtly, the girl covertly. and when they both get together i feel their energy pushing me away like "GTFO!" i really really hate it.

now here is the thing. i LOVE this job. this is the coolest job I ever had. but these 2 negative people make it a living hell for me. i almost dont want to talk to the girl, even though she is a nice company. because i know when the guy comes they will treat me like i dont exist, and when he leaves, shell use me to listen to her life stories, while she would completely not give a fuck about mine.

at this point, i dont know what to do. i go and talk to other people on the floor, but what about making the sales (it's a retail job). i need to make a commision and the register i am part of is the one they are at. i cant be around the other parts of the floor for too long, so at some point i gotta go back there. FUCK! why do people treat others so fucking bad? i dont get it. i know its nothing personal, but dang! you can bring me into the conversation.

i really hate it when people treat you like some new guy on the block and that they dont ever have to talk to you. they all got each other and know each other, and you are an outsider. whether or not they know you or will be friends with you doesnt matter to them, because they know everyone amongst themselves. damn, this sucks so badly. i cant sleep and i gotta wake up in 5 hours for work. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! i have lost so much respect for both of them it isnt even funny.

like just earlier today (yesterday) she is going away on a vacation. and this was after he left so it's me and her standing there while her ass complaining how boring it is. she starts telling me how shell go away, "only to come back to this same shit"... i am thinking like BITCH? you didnt even GO on your vacation to enjoy any part of it, and you COMPLAING ABOUT ALREADY BEING BACK? OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP COMPLAINING!

i just think it's funny. her friend that comes to visit her i bet is the same way, but she is quiet. which means she is really judgmental and probably judges me even more. and another guy friend comes to talk to her is the same. he complaints all the time. and the fucked up thing is, THEY ALL IGNORE ME WHEN THEY COME TO VISIT AND TALK TO HER. i mean like... WTF!??!?!

for the first time in my life I am actually excited about this job and the people are ruining it for me by constantly bitching about it and silently throw negativity at me.


Anonymous said...

you sound like a paranoid loser. always gossiping after the fact instead of confronting these people.

Sp said...

then GET yo punk ass outta my blog you fucking bitch. what the FUCK you doing visiting my shit for? GTFO!!!