Sunday, October 21, 2012

can't fuck with me

so the whole job situation is getting resolved.

I been asking my spirit guides to give me some feedback on what the FUCK I am supposed to do and the verdict is this.... I dont give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

I couldn't sleep all night cuz that girl who is all cute and purdy just unloaded all that negativity on me. bitch talking about how she is going on vacation but within 3 seconds already mentions how "im gonna go there for a week, only to come back to this shit". basically, telling me all the shit she hates about her job. I got so fed up i couldnt sleep. so much negativy WHOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

so after the whole talk she had with her guy friend who ignores me, i come in today WITHOUT any sleep. and i basically ignore both their asses. they stand at the counter, i go wait by the clothese section greeting customers. they at the spot greedint customers, i am at the cashier.

it all boils down to this-ENERGY! however you feel inside and whatever you THINK, you will make other people feel a certain way. and frankly, I DONT GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUCK! i give these motha fuckers NO RESPECT. they have no respect for me, why the FUCK should I have any for them? I talk to everybody at work, and pretty much show them i can do what ever the FUCK i want and i dont gotta listen to their BULLSHIT or be around them negative motha fuckers.

you think you special? you think you deserve a VIP pass? get the FUCK outta here!!! GTFO of my face and go over there. i give respect where respect is due. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? just cuz you work 1 year longer than me, dont mean SHIT!

funniest thing is, after i was straight up distant from everybody at work cuz i just TIRED of trying to talk to everybody being cool some guy who was also distant started to talk to me, haha. then the girl who is a best friend of the negative purdy gurl comes from upstairs i am like "who the FUCK are you again?" i wouldnt even look at her. why the FUCK should i look at your ass to be nice to you and say hello when you negative as hell and judge me on the inside? bitch you gotta EARN my respect; i wont just give it to you.

i am so noncholant and distant that i just DONT GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK anymore about trying to connect with coworkers, and be cool with everyone. and i love it. if you cool, we talk. if you not, i get to see that and then you should just get the FUCK outta my face. i will still wish you peace and love on the inside but ill stear clear of your negative and 'i am special' ass. whatever the fuck issues you got with me go solve them out with your shrink. i dont got time for this BULLSHIT!

if the negative girl ever ends up working with me alone and starts talking shit, i will basically call her out on it and tell her she should either stop being so negative or stop acting that way around me. cuz i am not her therapist. not sure how i will say it but i gotta think on that for a while. till then, all you people out there who think you're 'special' need to realize that you eat, shit, fart, and stink just like everyone else. your shit aint special.

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