Friday, July 20, 2012

Brazilian Girl

so, long story short i got laid off at my old internship (which was fucking horrible. THANK YOU FOR LAYING ME OFF!) and was working my 2nd day at this new place. yesterday these 2 girls walked in. I was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! 1 of them looked so different. They were speaking spanish, or so it seemed so i was like oh okay.. lots of latinos around here.. then I find out they are from Brazil. I'm like wow... it makes sense. one girl, I will call her Flavor, was soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. i was nervous as hell, but i still managed to talk to them both for a little while. then Flavor mentioned something about coming back again. her friend was eye balling me but she was young and skinny. now Flavor was more like that Brazilian chick in the video Paz posted on his blog about a year ago. The one where she was in a glass container that kept filling up water revealing her big HUMUNGUS ASS every time she got an answer wrong. HER ASS WAS THAT AMAZING! if that chick in the video is 9.5, this girl in the store is about an 8.5.

So today I see her outside talking on her cell... alone, without her friend. right away i got nervous. my fear kicked in right away. the good thing was my supervisor wasnt in the store. it was just me and my coworker who is training me. she walks in as we are helping this one girl already. I tell her 'hi, we will be right with you :)'. she smiles and says okay. then as i step away.. i'm like 'im gonna do this now. FUCK IT!' i been practicing last night and it is show time... i step back towards her direction as she is standing across the counter "hey, i think you are really cute"... her: ..... what? :| me: I think you are really cute... her: blank face like *wtf?* at this point im thinking 'fuck, she didnt understand me or doesnt know what cute means' me: you understand what im saying? cute! :) her:... thank you! :|

haha.. i step away smiling and then after a few minutes me and my co-worker go in the back and with his lips without making a noise "DONT DO THAT!"... then afterwards i talked to her just a little bit. it was hard.. i was nervous but i came down by A LOT by telling her she is cute. if i didnt i would be a nerve wreck the whole time. my hands shaking, i can barely breath, my heart pounding... so after they left my coworker was like "dont do that! you're not supposed to flirt with girls here." i was like maaan, that SUCKS!!! cuz im thinking like dude.. thats what im trying to do right now and i feel GREAT! so, my coworker continues.. "they'll write up a bad review on yelp. one time one person wrote up a bad review that there was a cup there on the counter". we talked about it and stuff. he tells me "you gotta be cool. dont catch her off guard like that". but when i asked him wtf am i supposed to do he was like... "it depends on the situation, get to know her first. blah blah" like a typical guy who would never be able to explain on how to talk to women to a guy who is new at it. meh.. i still think he is a cool guy though. either way, i am proud of my self. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! and im glad i told her that. every time i tell a woman what i feel about her, i grow a little. every time i dont say nothing to a woman i am attracted to, i feel like a part of me dies.

i wanna see what heppens because i know shell be back a few more times. but im just not sure if it will be the days i work since i work part time. if it is though, i am sort of in a loss for words. she knows i like her. i caught her off guard. she is really clear when i look at her face and in her eyes, and i love it! (i am not dating no reptilian alien like the last chick i dated. fuck that shit. i wouldnt even bone a girl like that. cant even go for more than 5 seconds without blinking excessively or rolling her eyes at me) either way, i am not sure about this whole 'get to know her first, while youre working' thing my co-worker is suggesting and he wont tell me how or give me details. so ill just small talk with her and make convo about accessaries she is wearing and compliment on them. if not, it's all good in the hood. i once again faced my fears and told a woman i am attracted to that i am attracted to her. I AM THE GREATEST MAN ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if anything else happens with this Brazilian FLAVA, part 2 is coming... stay tuned bitches :)

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