Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1 of the Worst Days of my life

so today was one of the worst days of my life. I got a new facebook friend, from my country of all places. but in the end the days just sucked because of obvious reasons.

I get fired from my new job for reasons unknown. I got a few ideas but even my manager told me the store owner was vague and he didnt understand exactly why he is upset with me. the guy who said he doesnt need me anymore just went MIA without notifying me I wont be working this week. I cancelled my interview because I thought we are still good for this Thursday. so not only did I lose my job, I also lost my interview. that was more of a shock to me because common!!! at least let me know what is happening so I keep my plans? anyway, the CEO still likes me and said I am a good guy but if there isnt any work at other stores, there is nothing he could do. But said he will keep me in mind and I am gonna help him for 1 day opening up the store this week. at least something good came out of it.

I will call the other guy and ask him why. I want at least some clarification and maybe there was a misunderstanding. I already know why he is upset with me but I think he misunderstood me when I said something on the phone to him. he must've mistook my statement as a totally different one and it wasnt what I meant. either way. i am gonna talk to him and ask him to give me feedback so that I could improve on the future jobs. I know it wasnt me calling the girl cute. I mean it was one of the things, but he acted like he understood me when I said i wont do it anymore. and he even verbalized that it's okay. anyway, i guess its the acculumation of things. but he was wrong for just disappearing like that and I had lost my interview as well as the job. that was the thing that fucked me up the most.

now the absolute WORST thing that happened to me today, was that I forgot my mom's b/d. there was a get together party. I remembered mom's b/d the day before. but all this shit that happened. i had to go to Berkeley just to find out I am fired, then the appointment for the interview being cancelled and then everything just went blank. like i was lost in translation writing the train back home like... wtf just happened? completely blanked out and thought it's just like any other party.

come out into the kitchen to cards laying around with my mom's name on it. OMG!!!!!!!! that was another shock of the day... or night. it was almost 12 midnight. talked with my mom about this and told her the whole truth. she understood it completely. thank god! i got a lot of other things lined up and i am just overwhelmed with life right now, in a good way. i just didnt expect to forget my mom's b/d. this never happened to me before in my life! first time for everything i guess...

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