Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amur Leopard

wtf are people doing to the planet? I dont get this shit. There is about 20 to 30 Amur Leopards left in the world, and the whole incident where some dumb ass Russian beat a female Amur Leopard to death before he shot her in the tail back in 2007 made these Leopards even more endangered because she didn't have chance to raise cubs. humans make me sick sometimes to my fucking stomach. WHY??? i mean men poach them for money is one thing, but doing this for fun? shit! men who poach them are like fucking drug dealers poisoning their land by killing off life for profit. but killing a leopard for fun??? whoever killed her should have a maximum penalty of death through getting raped by a Horse. oh man, I remember a link to the video on sohh where that guy died after a horse stuck his dick inside of him cuz he was into beastiality. what a dumb ass... but that guy, should be him and him should be that guy.

so I don't know what is gonna happen. I hope 2012 will bring some good changes and I want to one day go out and help these amazing cats in the wild first hand. I think that is my passion in life, one of it anyway.

fucking blogger wont let me post the video but here it is anyway. FUCK GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!

isnt he beautiful?

Leopard cub

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