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Was Calleman’s October 28, 2011 Mayan Calendar End Date a Failed Prediction?

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Date: Sunday, 30-Oct-2011 18:56:56
ALL "PREDICTIONS" are fuzzy enough when originally 'created', and therefore,
'GROW' even fuzzier when the SPECIFIC time, date and or place "ARRIVES" of its so-called
Fulfilment, and thus
The Hundreds of ensuing and, by now, 'expanded' INTERPRETATIONS (as well)
Saying it is TRUE and '50%' saying the exact opposite - FALSE!
by ALL the arm-chair 'experts' (us!) :)
Are we 'getting' IT (our polar and duality conundrum) yet?
Of course WE are, I trust - so then,
Between NOW and December next year,
Let's get OVER and BEYOND this POLARITY crap and grand 'illusions' of our PAST and
Start living and creating from our "HEART" once again!

P.S. By the way, who or what was responsible for "obliterating" comet, meteor, asteroid or whatever "ELENIN"??
Any ONE? . . . . OK then
Richard C. Hoagland recently made an amazing discovery that Elenin was not a comet, but a tetrahedron that was possibly sent here by our ancient ancestors.
According to Hoagland, "It shows that AROUND the actual "nucleus" of Elenin suddenly appeared a stunning GEOMETRIC shape ... created by some kind of "force field."
This field, interacting with the stream of charged protons and electrons in the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection - from the sun), made this Elenin "field" suddenly, strikingly visible as an unmistakable ??, 3-D TETRAHEDRON!"
Elenin 'course changed' from unknown source! - 23 August 2011 (uploaded by Envylife904)
Now, in a developing story, a mysterious unknown force has sent a massive energy wave directed at Elenin, forcing Elenin to seemingly make a directional change in her orbit. The energy source seems to be coming from Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system.
While it is not confirmed by any other source, it remains possible that the energy was directed from a UFO craft or by some other higher form of life and intelligence.
Was Calleman’s October 28, 2011 Mayan Calendar End Date a Failed Prediction?
October 28, 2011 by Gregg Prescott.
The end date of the Mayan calendar has remained ambiguous with one school of thought saying the calendar ended on October 28, 2011 while the other on December 21, 2012.
Carl Johan Calleman and the late Ian Lungold both subscribed to the October 28, 2011 end date. So was this a failed prediction?
If we look at the core of Calleman’s teachings, he constantly stated that October 28, 2011 would usher in a unity consciousness.
With the global Occupy protests going on around the world, one could make an argument that Calleman was correct -

And an "other", ME say, could make an equally 'sound' argument, that this proves the exact OPPOSITE. :)
Calleman and Lungold also stated that October 28, 2011 would be the beginning of conscious co-creation.
It is at this juncture when people are able to co-create a society that is most amicable to their individual and group belief systems.
In other words, the Occupy movement would be the main impetus for the foundation of a peaceful, coexisting society.
Was Calleman’s October 28, 2011 Mayan Calendar End Date a Failed Prediction?If we are all connected as spiritual beings having a human experience, then perhaps just the belief that something special might occur by the end of the Mayan calendar has helped to facilitate unity consciousness.
Lungold believed that by October 28, 2011, everything that could possibly happen, will happen at the same time as every level of the Mayan calendar underworlds would coalesce simultaneously.
While this belief never came to fruition, it is not to say that it doesn’t hold credence in the near future, due to the discrepancy of the Mayan calendar end dates.
Even the December 21, 2012 end date is a ball park figure;

NO, that's NOT true!
Oh YES it IS!
Are we getting my (Bob's) drift here?
Despite many indigenous cultures all having this end date.
The Maya were obsessed over time and built calendars and systems to record the procession of time.
To many scholars, the Mayan calendar represents the importance of how history repeats itself throughout time.
If you are paying attention, then you have already noticed the unprecedented number of earth changes that have occurred in recent times,
Including massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions, mass animal die offs, tsunamis, sinkholes, flooding, solar flares, sinkholes and massive land cracks.
These events have never been experienced at "the same time" in recorded history, yet

Our governments and main stream media play them off as nothing unusual.
We are currently at the end of a 26,000 year cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes.
We are also at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, in which each age ushers in a new vibration and frequency.
While one could argue that Calleman’s Mayan calendar end date accurately predicted the unity consciousness that is being felt globally, it could also be attributed to the new energies of Aquarius.
It’s also possible that BOTH possibilities played a role in unity consciousness. (Right, here we go again! :)
With the exception of Ivan Stein and Patrick Geryl, most Mayan scholars conclude that the Mayan calendar does not represent the end of the world.
While Stein doesn’t outwardly state the world will end, he presents a possible extinction level event that could occur relating to the 103,000 year cycle of global temperatures.
Geryl, on the other hand, has an apocalyptic view in which he has stated, "A very HIGH sunspot is expected in 2012…when that happens… a huge… an enormous… a gargantic…a gargantuan solar flare will be thrown to the Earth and will destroy our civilization."
Many scholars will present data that justifies the Mayan calendar end date, but most agree that this date is a ballpark figure (Drunvalo and 'most' people I know, disagree - haha what a laugh :) in the expectation of any event to occur on that particular day
Because no one can state what will actually happen in the future with 100% validity.

While many predictions throughout history have come and gone as idle rhetoric,
Calleman’s unity consciousness prediction holds validity while the conscious co-creation part of it still remains a work in progress.
Gregg Prescott

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