Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it's over

so a few days ago my mom told me "looks like we're splitting up" after her b/f left alone to some event and she didnt feel like going. then yesterday he called her and told her that he needs someone who can be on his level.

to make things short, this dude been killing my mom through nagging her constantly regarding her imperfections. "why you do things like this?" "how come you dont understand that?" " why do you say things like this? you should say them like that." he been doing this since they've been together telling her that she isnt perfect enough for him to marry her. and that has been stressing my mom for quiet sometime. she has irregular heart palpitations, and has had chest and stomach pains. a few days ago she said "i cant live like this. you either stop nagging me or leave". he was like uh oh.... im not ready to make a decision yet. she was like well, take your time........

whats really fucked up on it all, is that this guy has been talking sooooooooooooo much shit to me how i stress her out. he is the main fucking reason for her health problems and stress, while this dude takes out his anger on me acting like i contribute to it. im not saying i dont. i dont got a job, still live with my mama, have no career, etc.. but i dont fucking nag my mom telling her to be a certain way.

what really pisses me off is that EVERYONE must change for this man. i must change, my uncle must change, my mom must change for HIM. but he stays the way he is... a perfect being in his own perfect image. what type of shit is that? this whole house has been catered to his needs. he demolished top half of our kitchen wall, and replaced it with small pillars (now people could see me through the living room window when im in the kitchen. I HATE IT!) replaced a kitchen floor, bathroom floor, bathroom sink, and many more changes he has done to the house. I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANY OF THESE JOBS HE DID. it was all for him. every fucking year he remodels the kitchen, or does some other shit in the house that no one but him cares about. brought all his 200 year old looking furniture that no one but him cares for. and now what... he'll just leave and find his own place.

this reminds me of that book I read-New Earth. chaos in the mind... 1 man thinks that the world should evolve around HIM because of that chaos. never did he step out and realize that it is just his own thoughts, ideas, etc.. in his mind.

he didnt leave my mom for 9 years for the main reason. its easy to stay together and get cooked food, a woman to take care of you, etc.. but its hard to leave and start your own life by yourself. i just feel really bad that my mom had to suffer for this the most. always worrying about what she says, how she says it, etc.. she is not an American, you can hear a fat accent from her, she doesnt understand certain humor and slang that even her b/f from Orange County can. why you gotta be a dick head constantly nagging on her telling her she must change to cater to you? just fucking LEAVE dude. should've left a long time ago.

but anyway, that's all i gotta say. i wish him luck and hope he finds his happiness, but i doubt it. everyone he ever meets has flaws and all he does is point them out. this woman is a foreigner, this man has a crooked eye, this person is crazy, etc.. like only himself is perfect, and everyone is weird or "coo coo". i can see this guy being alone for the rest of his life. every woman he'll ever meet he'll just disregard because of whatever flaws she has.

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Paz said...

good that stubborn fool left. surprised your mom stayed with him for that long if he was acting like that.