Sunday, October 9, 2011

it's over, pt. 2

"good that stubborn fool left. surprised your mom stayed with him for that long if he was acting like that."

man... he DIDNT leave. he convinced my mom yet again to let him stay here. the first time it was when she told him to go and "make a decision on whether or not you wanna marry me. if the answer is no, its over." he left to LA. then the poor baby did not want to marry my mom and got real depressed. so depressed that he had his friend call my mom telling her in how much of a bad state he is. my mom... took him back in. he didnt wanna marry her, yet... they were still together. now he keeps nagging mom about how imperfect she is, and she finally said you either stop and accept me, or leave. he said what he said and then asked my mom if he could have this home as a "base" to come back to from his long vacations. like if he goes to LA or wherever, comes back here. and he'll pay the rent. so now its like.. WTF? he is still here and ... *scratches head*... its back to my mom taking him back, pt2? i dont know... i am REALLY tired of him. he thinks i got problems and need to fix myself, and i do and not denying that, my mom got problems and need to fix herself, my uncle needs to change, EVERYONE is "coocoo" and needs to change themselves for him, but he is PERFECT... like seriously... what type of bullshit is that?

so like i said.. chaos in the mind. they split up yet he is still here. i dont know what to say at this point. this will either have a part 3 to it, or my mom will simply die from stress of him killing her. i dont know... ill talk to my mom when he is not around to see what she says. until then..........

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