Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trump shut that bullshit down!

lol Trump 2016!!!!!!

fuck Gozillary!
fuck Obonzo!
fuck Islam!

our leaders don't even have common sense anymore. they invite the same people who eventually do jihad against us. fucking morons...


John Short said...

Dude, ISIS was created and supported by the USA(under Obama who armed "moderate" opposition jihadists)

yes, muslim extremists are useful idiots manipulated by the military-industrial complex so that they can push the USA into perpetual war for profit, so they must be partly blamed for being dumb. But you should also be angry at the puppet masters.

ISIS was Frankenstein created by the USA and got out of control and now they have their own plans. They actually see the refugees as traitors(they should be fleeing to the caliphate according to ISIS) so they planted Syrian passports so that ppl will start hating the refugees. So you are playing right into ISIS hands

Sp said...

I am not denying anything you said. While I do not think US literally created ISIS, it was just a result of all the idiots inside of Obama Administration. Obama made a decision to pull out of Iraq before it was stable. We left, ISIS took over, and that moron keeps funding the rebels to take out Assad.. Long story short, the elites want us to go to war while they get rich. and blah blah..

what I don't understand is, what is your point with your reply? of course I'm angry with the puppet masters, but what we need now is a leader with common sense, BALLS, and someone who can't be bought. Trump sounds like the perfect candidate. Obozo doesn't even want to acknowledge that we are at war with Islam. how the hell will he protect this country? If you want to solve a problem, the first step is identifying it. Islam has been at war with the world for the last 1,400 years, just in case you didn't know. and this anti-American piece of socialist shit denies it like there is no tomorrow. He is a pussy, a traitor, and an utter idiot. His kind will turn America into a 3rd world hell hole. This is why protecting the borders is very very important, and Trump will do just that.

and I am not sure where you get your story from with ISIS planting Syrian passports, but many non-Syrians simply buy these passports on the black market, so that they could get into Europe and collect free handouts, like the leeches that they are. and on top of that, lots and lots of these "refugees" are ISIS implants. now it turns out many of the muslims in the Paris attack were jihadis disguised as "refugees". and this is just the beginning.

Sp said...

oh, and I also wanna add the concept of hijrah in Islam. Hijrah is a great migration for muslims, after which they try to take over the foreign land they are going to with jihad. Muhammad did this very thing when he migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina). And in Islam, every "good" muslim is supposed to model their "prophet". So, why do you think mostly young, strong, and healthy men are coming to Europe? this is like a dream for every muslim, a "spiritual journey".

again, I don't know where you get that "ISIS see refugees as traitors" story. but I assume it's just a form of propaganda or someone's theory. Sorry to be the one to tell you, but it's most likely b.s...

John Short said...

What I mean is while you see this attack as a great battle between the West and the Islam, and barely focus on the puppet masters and dont really see them as a big problem. However, I see this attack as a great battle between the civilians of the west and the elite grand puppet masters. So Muslims are being used as the useful idiots they are. The elite want more power so to do that they needed a perpetual enemy, a perpetual terror, so that ppl will give up liberty for security. And its easy to incite muslims. just draw Muhammed.

The Patriot act was drafted before 9/11 and the official report has still been censored(ties between saudis and bush probably). And so a passport survived intact in an explosion, it doesnt make sense. I think they want us to fight the muslims, when we are focused on the enemy outside we ignore the enemy within. I think they have drafted an European patriot act already and just needed an event to implement it.
The elite are trying to gain more power at the expense of the civilians in the west

also read this

they are killing muslim civilians on purpose and rejecting peace with dictators. Why would they if they wanted to win the war on terror and pacify the muslims.
I do not trust the government one bit, too much corruption, the following story is almost hilarious

Sp said...

the liberals are the biggest and most useful puppets of the puppet masters (muslims are the second). liberals have destroyed western Europe and are destroying America. this is why I say get them out of our countries, and put half of them in jail.

John Short said...

american zombies are funny