Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Allah is Satan

and Muhammad is his messenger.

Islamic Human Slaughterhouses For Christians


When you study Satanism, at some point you come across groups who do human sacrifices to Satan. This is exactly what some muslims do. There is a video of them in the link giving Christians as offerings to their great Satan, Allah.

Then you'll meet some Satanists who'll say something like "that's not real Satanism. read The Satanic Bible". And I say, who cares. yo all still worship the same deity, Satan, Allah in this case.

Muslims love to condemn and talk down on pagans, when they are the biggest pagan worshippers on the planet. Halal meat-sacrificing cattle in a brutal and inhumane way as a sacrifice to their god, worshipping a rock that was stolen from the Meccan Pagans, and in extreme cases doing actual human sacrifices as offerings. And remember, every time muslims commit murder, do suicide to kill infidels, etc.., when they scream "allahu akhbar", they are giving an offering to their deity. Muslims are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.


I almost forgot about this site I found not too long ago. This man compares the god in the Bible to the god in the quran. These 2 gods have exact same characteristics, except "Allah" is "the great deceiver". And what does Satan do best? Lie, cheat, and manipulate THE TRUTH, mixing lies with truth and truth with lies


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