Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Accidentally entered and used a Female Bathroom

This happened to me not once, not twice, but thrice! I guess it's because a lot of the times I am somewhere else thinking about something in my life or am focusing on what I am doing.

So I have just finished deploying a laptop to my user at work. And in most of the buildings here, the male bathroom is always on the right side. But this time... it was different. So I enter it without even thinking or checking for signs. No people inside whatsoever. I say "sweet! I can go and do my martial art form without anyone noticing." I  go into the farthest, most spacious, and secluded stall, and pee. After peeing, I start doing my form. Then about half way through, I hear a female outside "excuse me". I was like WTF!? is this happening again?? or maybe it was just a dude running into a girl accidentally outside. Nah... but then I notice that every person walking into the restroom, uses a stall, and puts the paper on the toilet to pee. WTH!!?!?!?!?!?! then I hear clicks like every person is on heals. something is not right.

I wait until the 2 people leave after using the restroom, I look up above all the stalls... and..... THERE ARE NO URINALS!!!!! OH HELLL NOOO!!!

The funny thing is, the first time I used a female bathroom was in Borders bookstore. I went in, took a good shit, and left without ANYONE noticing, not even the people outside sitting at the tables. The second time, I took a piss, and same thing, no one noticed. This time, though, it was different. As I got ready to bounce, I was in a hurry and a little nervous, considering I could lose my job if some psycho bitch sees me and thinks I went in there to spy on women. I leave without washing my hands, and as I exit, a woman passes by and looks directly at me. I said "ouch! wrong bathroom..." she just chuckles and keeps walking. PHEW!! close call...

Note to self, check for bathroom sign EVERY time before entering.

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lmao you's a moron