Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sour Cherries is the greatest Fruit on Earth

I just now had the priveledge to taste sour cherry for the first time in the last 21 years of my life. I could not find sour cherry in America ever since I moved here from my Country.  And I got to say,  sour cherry is the greatest Fruit on Earth! So much nostalgia came over me putting sour cherry in my mouth (NO HOMO), it ain't even funny. I tasted my childhood for the first time at 34.

and is it me,  or is time getting by really fast?  A week goes by,  the weekend comes and goes,  and before you know it,  it's the end of Wednesday night and almost Friday again, with the the next weekend right around the corner.  I mean this sort of thing is happening almost with the blink of an eye.  What the hell is going on?  or maybe it's just me.

So many things been happening with me I haven't talked about.  I got a new job in the IT field.  Great timing because my A+ is expiring in a few months.  Fuck the retail world!  that is all I gotta say right now.  Young people are one of the most immature,  judgmental, and toxic humans I ever came across.  I thought I would enjoy it being around young ns since I never hung around my pears,  but it turned out to be an experience I did not expect.  I got a tablet,  on which I am making this blog with a mouse and a keyboard btw. I LOVE ANDROID!  I will be reviewing this tablet soon,  so look out for that.  And I got a MacBook Air for my job,  so I am learning Macs as well. The company will be taking it back, though if they decide not to keep me after my assignment ends in a month.  We'll see what happens.  Other then that,  I am still a live in case you were wondering.,  lol...  until next time...

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