Thursday, March 7, 2013

I got laid off again

so about an hour ago I get a phone call from my temp agent and she says I am no longer needed at the job. it's a funny pattern, and I honestly hated this job. but the pattern of me just going along with it and not looking for other opportunities is interesting. I could've found something and quit already, but I just sat on my ass not doing a thing and be lazy there because I was frustrated not knowing what to do.

I am not sure if I see myself doing IT. It is really frustrating, and especially for this job because EVERYTHING they had was proprietary. even small things like flushdns or renew ip address wouldn't work and was useless. it was hard to learn things there that I would use on other IT jobs. Either way, this got me thinking about my career. WTF AM I GOING TO DO? I don't want to say this to my mom because she is all feeling good about me thinking computers is my future, but I just don't see it. I have limited knowledge of computers and they're no big deal to me. I hate dealing with software and bugs, I would rather do hardware and work with my hands. that is something I love doing, working with my hands.

good thing I still have my retail job, and I'm working tonight. maybe I can get more hours there or maybe I get another part time job. I really am not sure. I am not crushed or anything, but more in deep thought. What am I here to do? I got a Bachelors and don't know what I am to do with it. Life is crazy.

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Paz said...

sorry to hear that, man. at least, you have one job, man.