Saturday, March 9, 2013

got 2 numbers today

and 1 yesterday.

you know, its funny. the PUA community is filled with guys who are clueless with women and have hard time being social, but it helps a lot by going out with the guys and practice approaching women. it gives you some sort of bond and some sort of motivation opposed to doing it yourself.

yesterday I came out with 1 guy who I took a very recent bootcamp with and there was another guy from the workshop. he was the scarriest throughout the weekend, but was approaching like crazy when we met. I was like wtf? what happened to you? he just says he been approaching every day.
anyway, i had 10 mins before going to work so i say fuck it. i havent done an approach in a few weeks and feel weak inside as a result. so i say ill do at least one before i go. i approach this 'ok' looking chick and she end up getting MY #.. guess not that many guys approach her.

so today as my last day in Hayward since I had to drop off my laptop for my job contract that ended. I said to myself yesterday that I will go to the mall and start approaching since it's my last day there. who cares... so i end up approaching this one cute chick who was all tatted up. she was light skinned black girl, very cool and friendly energy. she laughed at half the shit i said, even when i fucked up and called her by her college name cuz i was so nervous. anyway, i go the digits and it sort of felt like we were on stage for a moment. i didnt really give a fuck though. the more i approach, the more i completely get lost in the interraction not giving a FUCK about anything around me. we were standing on one side of the mall traffic in between 2 stands. so the people at each stand heard EVERYTHING since I am loud as fuck and dont care anymore for being so damn quiet and creepy. in other words, i dont care to be heard and think inside my head that people are judging me for whatever i am saying. those days are OVER. anyway, i got her digits and kept thinking about her. she was just so cool. it's rare a girl like that i meet. or maybe its because i dont meet a lot of girls to begin with.

then as i start work i go to walgreens to get some drink, i see this one chick and i approach her after i buy my stuff. she was still in the store so the universe played along with me. anyway, i end up getting HER # too. and now i got 3 #s in 2 days. i was thinking like... this is my absolute record. i got 1 # of that black girl model one time. i got 1 # of that filipino girl on the train, and that's it. havent gotten this many #s in my LIFE. but then again, it's because i am not consistent with talking to women. this is changing and i am creating a 1 year challenge i found on one website. 1 year challenge every day. i gotta come up with how many approaches and how many warm ups i gotta do each day and how many events i will attend each week. but this is gonna kick ass and make me put myself out there. i need this more than ever. I NEED TO START LIVING THIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!

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Paz said...

congratulations, man. go get em.