Saturday, February 9, 2013

Palestinian girl, take 3

okay so today, Saturday, I start work. open both registers at 9:30 and I keep thinking about this girl, because I KNOW she is upstairs when she comes in around 10am. I know I shouldnt care and stop thinking so much, but that's just how I am. I think and over analize everything. So, all of the sudden I see her going to the bathroom in a distance.

I was like OH SHIIIIIIIT. fear kicks in right away. I get all discouraged, and go walk towards another counter with no people at it. was thinking of just staying there like a pussy and wait till she comes out and leaves. but then decided to just walk back and face my fears. I dont know why but my fear with her gets SOOOOOOOO intense, I feel like running away as far as I can.

There is barely any people around and it's about 11:15ish am. maybe about 2-3 customers on the floor. then as I am behind my register looking straight into the distance, she comes walking by from the left... i look over, and she is looking right at me "hey, you still work here?" and engaged me. we talked for about 5 minutes and I was gonna ask her whatever happened to that lunch we were gonna go on but a customer came with a question, and she left.

I talk to my co worker and he was like 'I TOLD YOU!!! don't even think about her. let her come to you. she just dont want you to be talking to her in front of all her co workers and have everybody talking gossip about you 2'... so that's what im gonna do. and he was right all along.

i just got my proof that she does like me. just not really sure what will come out of this. more on this soon if anything else happens.

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Paz said...

work up the courage to talk to her. what can go wrong? you have one foot in the door because she likes you already. all you have to do is speak and you're in.