Sunday, February 17, 2013

Palestinian Girl, pt. 4 - FINAL CHAPTER -

the chapter is now officially CLOSED. haha!

so I am going home. I get to BART and guess who is at the station... yep. So, at first I wasn't even going to talk to her cuz I got so nervous. But the train was coming right away as I saw her and as I get to the train doors, she sees me and is getting into the same ones. Keep in mind, I wasn't supposed to work today but was scheduled there for some reason.

I said hey, she said hey. Then I became quiet. Everything told me to go talk to her. So, we get in and she picks a seat that is next to some dude. There was no other seats available. I come up to her and just started talking. Now... I ask her what she did for the valintines day... she goes "oh... nothing... worked... and hung out with my b/f" haha! I was like ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit!! I was actually gonna tease her and ask her out to lunch. But I felt this big weight just lifted off my shoulder like PHEEWWWWWWWWWWWW... Now I dont gotta ever worry about talking to her EVER again. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! we talked about all sorts of shit for the remainder of the 10 minute ride home. and she the convo got dead at the end right before my stop. I just said alright see ya later, blah blah, my stop is next. and she said ok...

I am going out tonight with my co-worker friend who was actually guiding me throughout the whole process and kept encouraging me to talk to her. I just hope he won't be like "nah man, it dont matter she gotta b/f. you should keep talking to her". cuz if thats what he'll say id be like pissed off.

I am just glad this is over and I dont ever have to date ANYONE from work. no more of this bullshit for me. I will NEVER try talking to any co-workers because I got WAY TOO MANY skeletons in my closet and I dont want ANYONE in my work place knowing about them. that is all.


Paz said...

that's sad, man. well, on to the next, one.

Sp said...

you acting like it's a bad thing. it is good news!!! Now I don't gotta worry, or have my PTSD through the roof every time I am on the floor knowing she is working.

now I can just sit back and chill. let her make her move if she breaks up with her boo boo.

I honestly dont give a FUCK at this point. I WANT this not to go any further because I DONT NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. I can date a strange chick I met OUTSIDE of work and if she finds out I am weird, then who cares? but a co-worker? it could go really bad after everyone finds out I am 33 years old with all these issues.