Monday, June 18, 2012

I need to learn how to be observant

so i was just thinking about my previous blog and what mistakes i made. i could've came up to her with "hey, whats your name?" or... the second.

One thing I need to improve on, is not be afraid to look. like looking at that girl on the train. i looked at her, she looked back (even though she had shades) sat in her seat, and moved over to the window spot. then took out her make up and started putting it on. now.. that right htere is an opening. in fact, she could've made it for me. but i was too scared thinking of approaching then to actually realize it is a sign, a signal. if not, who cares!? do it especially since the universe opened the door for you. you just have to walk through it and have a seat next to this woman and say hi!

so yeah... that is one thing i need to work on.


Anonymous said...

As an advice, when you're in public, try to stare into the eyes of others for as long as you can. It will build your confidence, but mostly, your honesty, because dishonest people can't stare long into other people's eyes.

The only 2 times someone has been able to stare at me just as long has been an old dude and a kid. The kid actually won, so stare into the eyes of a kid if you have the chance (but don't be a pedo lol).

Sp said...

yeah, i practice that periodically. that was one of the lessons in the workshop i took on self improvement and how to be successful with women. eye contact is huge. people who i generally dont trust, cannot look me in the eye.

man.. kids are tough. they dont have a sense of the same reality as adults, and have a natural tendency to look without being afraid. i think kids are the hardest when it comes to eye contact match, haha.

at what age did you learn all this stuff? or were you always good at it and things just came naturally to you?

p.s. are you from sohh?

Anonymous said...

I began to notice these kind of things when I was 14, maybe younger, also because as time passed I became more a silent person, so I just like to observate. But I wasn't always good at it because I was less confident, but it's been a good process.

Nope, I'm from South America.

Good luck on your date!